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We provide a wide selection of compression, extension, torsion, and suspension coil springs available for an array of engineering trades.

All our coil springs are audited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and available in materials including silicon chrome, high carbon steel, chrome vanadium alloy steels, phosphor bronze, and stainless steel.

Suspension Springs

Our range of suspension springs include standard street car springs for the replacement of broken or tired springs and heavy duty suspension springs for the replacement of springs in towing applications.

We also supply customised suspension springs for lowering your vehicle's suspension. Furthermore, our range contains motorsport springs for rally racing, 4x4, off-road cars and motorcycles.

Compression Springs

Compression springs are the most commonly used spring configuration and are found in a wide variety of applications such as large stamping presses and automotive engines. 

They provide a resistance linear compressing forces and are one of the most effective energy storage devices available.

Compression springs are typically produced from a round, cylindrical wire but can be manufactured in rectangular, square and other designs including conical, hourglass or barrel configurations.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are ideal for use in balance scales, garage doors, trampolines, and washing machines. They absorb and store energy by resisting the pulling force and are wound with initial tension.

The extension spring's initial tension is a built in load and it can be varied within limits by decreasing the spring index increases. If the design of an extension spring requires no initial tension, the client needs to design the spring with space between the coils.

Torsion Springs

In torsion springs, the force is applied to the body of the spring through its legs and the direction of the coil determines whether clockwise or anticlockwise rotation is used.

Torsion springs can be manufactured with a diversity of leg configurations and will be determined by the way they are attached to the mechanism. The options we have available include legs, loops, complex bends and double torsion varieties.

Die Springs

Die springs are manufactured from pre-tempered, rectangular shaped chrome silicon wire. Die springs are produced for use where high load requirements are needed and in applications where ambient temperatures reach up to 475 degrees F.

Die springs are manufactured stress relieved after coiling and are shot peened to offer optimum fatigue life. The ends of springs are powder coated with a colour for easy identification.

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