Springride Surfaces


Here at Springride Surefaces, we are the sole manufacturer and distributor of Springride surfaces for equestrian use. Our Springride surfaces include the Springride chip designed for all year round use and Shredtex suitable for dressage and jumping.  

Springride surfaces create an economic and stable rubber surface that is low maintenance and affordable.

Equestrian Surfaces

Our equestrian surfaces provide you with a cushioned surface suitable for all year round use. We manufacture equestrian surfaces using high quality rubber and fibre composites together with the latest technologies. A rubber equestrian surface eliminates surface water, prevents freezing and provides a cushioned ride.

We are happy to give you advice on our products and can provide any quantity from one tonne or more.


Equestrian Surfaces

Springride Products

Our Springride products are suitable for a wide range of uses as well as equestrian. Other Springride products include:

  • 25mm chicken coop chippings, designed to keep mud from your coops
  • 25-30mm ditch fill, widely used on bowling greens
  • 10mm down, ideal for improving turf
  • Garden mulch, used to supress weeds and keep your garden tidy
  • 3mm grass top chip, for use in high use areas to protect grass
Springride Products

Customer Testimonials

We have many happy customers, here is a selection of some of their testimonials:

"I am absolutely delighted that I chose Springride Shred to put on my menage. It’s absolutely zero maintenance and doesn't track at all." Kerry W, Staffs & Leics

"Fantastic surface, has been down for years and still brilliant." R Lemieux - Horse Health, Winsor, Hants

“The best surface I have ever used!" Mrs H - Wisbech

"Even during the worst wet weather in January, the arena kept dry. Going is ideal for young horses and show jumping. I will strongly recommend." Mrs O - N Devon

"Excellent bouncy surface that hardly moves, horses love it!." Ms Y - Axminster

“Brilliant material - minimises raking/levelling." Mr M - Perth

Customer Testimonials
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