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At SST Sensing Ltd, our experienced and professional employees design and manufacture a range of liquid level, gas, temperature & pressure and speed and position sensor solutions. SST Sensing Ltd have been providing robust and reliable Sensing and Control products to industry for nearly 10 years. Our primary goal is to deliver the required sensing and control solution to our customers which exactly meet their technical and commercial requirements. This can be achieved through our standard range of products or providing customer specific solutions.

Our technical department comprises of highly experienced and qualified engineers who work extensively with our customers to ensure their requirements are met. We encourage our engineers to visit customers to provide product and applications support.

Our products and services are as follows

We offer a standard range of Liquid Level, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Speed & Position, Pressure & Temperature Sensors. Each product category offers an extensive range of sensors with a variety of housings, electronic configurations, signal conditioning, and termination.

Where a specific solution is required, SST will identify the suitable technology and use this as a building block to provide a bespoke customer solution (Please see our Case Studies for specific examples).

SST Sensing Ltd now has over 20 employees and our success is growing day by day. We look to succeed by enabling our customers to compete and win. We provide the best value solutions for sensing applications and you can trust us to;

  • Offer the right products and technology for your application
  • Delivered to your application requirements
  • Supply products that will work as expected
  • And be fully supported by the best people

Fluid Sensing & Control Sensors

SST Sensing Ltd have developed a range of high performance, cost effective Optical Liquid Level Sensors. These products are designed to detect the presence or absence of fluid in a wide variety of industries and applications. Our latest liquid level sensors have significantly reduced the cost of these products which can now be used as a viable alternative to Electro Mechanical Float Switches, with the benefits of a smaller packaged, Solid State Electronic Sensor.

As well as their Optical Liquid Level Sensors, SST have recently added new complimentary products to their Fluid Sensing & Control product portfolio. Our Temperature Sensors and Pressure Sensors can be used in various automotive and industrial vehicle applications.

Gas Sensors

SST design and manufacture a wide range of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide gas sensor solutions. We can offer a range of standard off the shelf products, as well as customised, bespoke sensor designs to meet the customers exact application requirements.

Our highly robust zirconium dioxide oxygen sensors are the product of choice where reliability and accuracy are required. Numerous industries and markets use our oxygen sensors to improve the efficiency of their processes. Examples of some applications are boiler controls, agriculture, composting, and perishable good transportation.

Our CO2 sensors are easy to use, fast and can be used to measure rapid changes in gas concentrations. A few examples of applications that these sensors can be used in are combustion control, shipping containers, and aircraft atmospheres. We are continually expanding our Gas Sensor portfolio, and we recently launched a new low power CO2 sensor, which is 50 times lower than conventional NDIR CO2 sensors and is known to be the worlds lowest power CO2 sensor.

Our CO2 Air Quality Monitors are for more specific type applications such as air quality monitoring in air tight buildings such as newly built schools and places of work.

Bespoke Value Added Sensor Solutions

For many applications an 'Off the shelf' sensor is not always suitable. Often customers require changes to physical designs, electronic conditioning, special cabling and connectors, etc.

SST have many years of experience in designing and customizing sensors for specific applications, our engineering team are qualified and experienced in most sensing and control technologies.

Our approach and access to a wide range of technologies allows SST to offer a fully bespoke design service which will offer an exact, cost effective solution for your application.

Examples of previous technologies/solutions

  • Optical
  • Hall Effect
  • Capacitive and Inductive
  • Current Sensing
  • Chemical Pump Sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • Temperature
  • Pressure

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SST Sensing has a wide range of products and you can see a list of these items in our stock list or please contact us for further information.

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