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We have manufactured a broad range of fork truck attachments for many years under our trade name. Our fork truck attachments cover a large range of applications including drum handling and attachments that are ideal for lifting, moving and tilting steel, plastic or fibre-board drums.

Our drum handling equipment can handle drums in varying sizes and weights. Recently our range has evolved into self dumping hoppers, stacker trucks, work platforms, sweepers, pedestrian drum trolleys and reel turning units.

Fork Truck Attachments

Our fork truck attachments cover a very large range of applications and we can also manufacture fork truck attachments that can be for specific customer requirements.

All our fork truck attachments are manufactured with a robust build that can be fitted to most fork trucks without any need for hydraulic or electric connections.

All our fork truck attachments carry the CE mark so you know they are safe. They are manufactured to ISO 9002 and are issued with test certificates.

Drum Turners

We can also manufacture drum turners to the same robust and safety requirements. It is the same quality that you would expect from us.

Our drum turners are made in the UK and are manufactured by our precision engineers. They require little maintenance, and we provide full after sales and back up service.

Materials Handling

Our equipment is ideal for materials handling with the use of a fork truck. Our range covers a large amount of different applications.

Our materials handling equipment includes:

  • Single drum handlers
  • Drum tilt units
  • Stacker truck
  • Pedestrian drum carriers
  • Self dumping hoppers
  • Crane hoists
  • Safety work platforms

This is just a small selection of our materials handling equipment, so please contact us for more details.

Barrel Handling

Our fork truck attachments are fantastic for barrel handling.

The range of barrel handling fork truck equipment includes:

  • Single drum handlers
  • Drum tilt units
  • Overhead drum tilts
  • Pedestrian drum carriers
  • Standard Grab-O-Matics
  • Twin Grab-O-Matics
  • Base gripping units
  • Stacker trucks

Please contact us to find out about our barrel handling equipment and how we can manufacture the right equipment for you.

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