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Proof quality is the best minting quality available. It is characterized by the raised part of the motif, which stands out from the shiny mirror-like surface of the coin and may have a matt finish to contrast with the shiny background.

Proof coins should never be seen in circulation because they are made for collectors, and sold for more than their face value.

Coin Blanks

St Paul's Mint has been supplying coin blanks for commemorative coins and medallions to National Mints and other mints both in the UK and the EU market for the past decade. We are able to offer high quality gold plated blanks for striking and also base metal blanks in various alloys.

89mm Super-Size medal

These super-size medals come in a variety of finishes; silver plated, gold plated or antique silver finish. Struck with a corded edge there is a pain part on the edge of the medals that allows for consecutive numbering.

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An ingot refers to the shape of a medal; it is made from base metal and is rectangular in shape. The ingots can be either gold or silver-plated and are ideal to include printed designs due to their uniform shape.

We have produced many ingots for customers from wildlife designs, Olympic and other sporting events.

  • Gold Plated and Silver plated
  • Ice Hockey Legends Ingots
  • Wildlife Series
  • Olympic Ingots
  • Sporting Ingots


St Paul's Mint produces custom tokens for a wide range of sectors and applications, such as casinos, family fun centres, amusement parks, arcades and vending machines; they are also used for promotional activities and events. Tokens are typically issued and exchanged as a form of payment.

We are also proud to provide coinage for several UK Heritage sites.

Token Destruction

St Paul's Mint offers a fully secure token destruction service for casino token recycling. Our approved token destruction plans are accepted by many casinos and using our secure off-site smelting facility makes the destruction of tokens quick and legal, complete with your own Certificate of Destruction upon completion.

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