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Stacey Oil Services Ltd. was founded in 1975 as an independent British owned company to provide specialised Sales, Service, Technical Back-ups and Representation on behalf of Oilfield Manufacturing companies in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Offices in both UK and USA.


Stacey operates as a team whose goal is to offer its customers a professional, knowledgeable, technically strong service and quality products, along with a flexible response to their requirements. Our team share common values, are committed to continuous improvement of products, service, performance and, above all, safety.

Our successes are measured by our customers and acknowledged by our peers throughout the industries we serve.

Stacey Rotating Control Divertor Head

A Brief History of Stacey Oil Services
Stacey was founded in 1975 on two basic principles optimum safety and impeccable quality. Throughout the world we have been involved in numerous projects where Rotating Control Diverter Head™ technology has been required, including underground blowouts, relief wells, underbalance/near balance wells, geothermal, foam cementing, coalbed methane, oil and gas wells etc. These projects have been invaluable to our extensive data collection policy, which enables us to constantly monitor, assess and improve our equipment.

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Stacey Rotating Control Divertor Head

Mud Cooling Systems, Inc.

Mud Cooling Systems Background
Mud Cooling Systems are based on proven technology over many generations of heat transfer for the process industry. Applications include:

  • Oil, Gas, Geothermal Drilling - cooling drilling fluids
  • Oil and Gas Refineries - gas cooling/condensing
  • Petro-Chemical - steam condensing
  • Power Generation - fluid cooling
  • Steel - waste water cooling
Mud Cooling Systems, Inc.


What is the Mag-Trap?
The Mag-Trap, is an extremely efficient downhole magnet which is used to remove metal contaminants from fluids downhole, run on either jointed pipe or coiled tubing operations.  

How does it work?
Using magnetic technology, after entering the rotary the Mag-Trap continually extracts Ferrous Metal Contaminants from Well Fluids until it is removed from the hole. The Mag-Trap is Versatile and Suitable for many different applications.
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Stacey Ditch Magnet

What is the Ditch Magnet?
The Stacey Oil Tools Ditch Magnet is an extremely high magnetic strength tool designed to catch metal contaminants from all forms of drilling medium.

What situations and places can it be used?

  • Where a metal collection policy is in place
  • To collect fines which are not collected downhole
  • During Milling Operations
  • In POSSUM Belly of Shale Shakers
  • In Mud Return Lines prior to Shakers

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Stacey Ditch Magnet

Underbalance Drilling

Stacey Oil Tools Ltd has been involved in the promotion of the use of Underbalance Drillingfor a number of years around the world. We are active participants in the IADC Underbalanced Operations Committees, API 16UB and SPE.

Stacey Oil Tools Ltd has had extensive experience in the use of Rotating Control Heads (see RCDH™), a primary piece of equipment for this technology.

Benefits of Underbalance Applications

  • Reduced Damage to Formation
  • Reservoir with low formation pressures
  • Earlier Reservoir Evaluation
  • Reduction/Elimination of loss circulation
  • Increased Production Rates
  • Increased Rate of Penetration (ROP)
  • Improved Bit Life
  • Reduced tripping and bit costs
  • Reduced Hole Problems
  • Prevention of differential sticking
  • Improved well productivity and control
  • Enhanced Reservoir Exploitation
  • Reduction/Elimination of expensive drilling fluids
Underbalance Drilling
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