Stadco Cooling


Specialising in Water Cooling Systems Stadco Cooling are a market leader.

STADCO COOLING, part of Acertec Engineering Ltd and the Stadco group of companies, pioneered the use of totally sealed air blast cooling systems. Today, its extended range is capable of supplying total cooling systems for both industrial and commercial applications.

Since 1970 STADCO COOLING has supplied over 2000 industrial water cooling systems in the UK alone, and installations worldwide include North and South America, Scandinavia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Far East.

Its experience of both sealed and open cooling systems is unrivalled. Each project is individually designed and engineered using dry air blast radiators, evaporative coolers or refrigeration dependent upon the application and specification, to give cost effective, optimum performance. A policy of Total Quality ensures full customer satisfaction. STADCO COOLING equipment is specified by a significant number of multi-national companies, many of whom are household names.

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