Stadium Power Ltd

UK Design, Project Management and Support at Chinese Prices … by combining more than 20 years of custom design experience at Stadium Power Limited with 50 years of volume manufacturing at Stadium Asia, we are able to provide fully engineered and supported power supply and sub-assembly designs at Far Eastern prices.

Manufactured to ISO9000 / QS9000 Standards …
Our own fully approved factory boasts over 1,200 employees and 15,000 Sqm of manufacturing and test facilities.

Ideally located in Southern China for cost effective production, Stadium Asia specialises in providing OEM products of mixed technology for multinational customers with worldwide approvals.

Full turnkey services are available including after sales customer and product support through our proven network of international sales outlets.

Standard Products …
In addition to the vast range of linear plugtop power supplies available, we now boast our SX Encapsulayed range of SMPSs from 5 Watts to 50 Watts for applications such as mobile phone chargers, flat screen monitors and general use.
Our industry standard open - frame DE60 & DE80 range is also now available at very competitive prices.

Speciality Portfolio …
We design and manufacture Custom and OEM products for all industries including:
  • Medical
  • Industrial Control
  • Consumer Products
  • Scientific Instruments
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport and Rail
  • Automotive
  • Food Processing
  • Broadcasting
  • Computer
  • Gaming
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