Standard & Pochin Ltd.

Standard & Pochin has over 100 years experience specialising in air movement for applications such as, cooling, heating, drying, ventilating and pneumatic conveying. They are also in daily use in industries as quarrying, oil and gas production, textile mills, brickmaking, paper mills, sewage and water treatment plants,food manufacture,combustion systems and furnaces and process/chemical engineering.

The company's large volume manufacturing capability encompasses a wide range of high precision sheet metal fabrication and welding facilites, as well as sophisticated laser cutting equipment and conventional or CNC machining. The highly trained workforce share an unequalled experience in all types of fan and impeller design, manufacture and maintenance.
  • Centrifugal fans - Backward curved, backward sloping, backward inclined, Aerofoil, Paddle and forward curved multi-vane. We have also acquired the 'Shipley' range of fans.
  • Axial fans - Long case, short case, Belt driven and Bifurcated or Impellers only.
  • Atex fans -  manufactured for hazardous areas compliant with the Atex directive 94/9/EC.
  • On site maintenance - UK and European servicing, balancing and repairs.
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