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Standfast Precision Engineering Ltd was established over twenty years ago. The company was bought over at the beginning of 2000 by two employees.

The attention to quality and detail and care of the finished products instigated by the previous owner was continued by the new management. A fresh approach in the way of automated machines for production runs was embraced by the new owners so that, not only can high quality, hand finished, low volume batches and one-off parts can be produced but we can produce higher volumes to the same standard.

We have a policy of employing apprentices and training them to achieve the standard of work our customers expect. Although time consuming, this policy is paying off. We are increasing our customer base and turnover and holding on to our highly skilled staff.


We have installed ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system. This is the latest revision of the quality standard which directs the company to look at itself and be more critical of it.

Customers will be approached to highlight any problems they feel they have with the company knowing the information they provide will be acted on to provide even better service in the future.

The company is also under a critical eye internally in the form of an internal audit program and an employee suggestion process where any employee can make changes to the management system demonstrating that the company is involved as a whole in maintaining quality, delivery and customer satisfaction.


Prototypes and Development

Materials we are used to using include brass, aluminium, bronze, carbon steel, 4140, 4145 continuing up to stainless steel grades 316, 410, 430, nickel alloys such as 17-4ph and super alloys like monel , duplex and inconel .

We strive to work these materials in the most cost-effective manner so a lot of time is spent optimising machines and tooling. We are supplied tooling by specialist suppliers, quality registered where possible, to ensure the best and fastest way of producing the finished components.

  • High Pressure Couplers
  • Under Water Friction Welder
Prototypes and Development

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