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Customer Focus
Stanton Bonna constantly focus on customer needs and develop solutions to exceed those needs.

Stanton Bonna enjoy an enviable reputation for friendly and professional staff who ensure high standards of reliable and prompt customer service. From enquiry and design through to delivery, independent surveys rank Stanton Bonna as the best.

Precast Concrete Pipes

Circular precast concrete pipes are available in an extensive range from DN 300 to DN 2400 with a full range of fittings including bends, fixed branch and universal junctions, rocker and butt pipes.

Pipes are available with integrated gasket (IG) joint for DN 300-1800 and sliding gasket (SG) joint for DN 2000-2400.

Circular pipes and fittings are manufacturing to BS 5911-1 and BS EN 1916. Gaskets are manufactured in SBR or EPDM and comply with BS EN 681-1.

Drainage Systems
The range covers products typically made for drainage, sewerage, attenuation tanks and sewer renovation. With a wide variety of solutions these drainage systems include:

> Circular Pipes, Junctions and Bends
> Precast Concrete Headwalls
> Dry Weather Flow Channels
> Side Entry Manholes
> Attenuation Systems
> Box Culverts 
> Perfect Manhole System
> Standard Manholes and Slabs
> Road Gullies
> Box Culverts
> Elliptical Pipes
> Jacking Pipes
> GRP Pipes, Liners and Inverts

Precast Concrete Pipes

Sea Outfall and Pressure Pipes

Pressure Systems
Stanton Bonna pressure pipes are designed specifically to meet the needs of each project and typical applications include:
> Sea outfalls
> Power station cooling water pipework
> Sewage pumping mains
> Sewage treatment works
> Industrial plant pipework

Installation techniques for Stanton Bonna pressure pipes include open cut, trenchless, float and lower, bottom pull or span pipe.

Sea Outfall and Pressure Pipes

Specialist Offsite Solutions

Specialist Precast
Customers are more frequently seeking bespoke offsite solutions to help ensure consistent quality on site and to reduce health and safety risks. Consequently, Stanton Bonna increasingly produce items to customer specification or design one-offs to solve a unique site challenge. Products include:
> Access Stairs
> Bridge Beams
> Cable Troughs and Service Ducts
> Public Toilets
> Tunnel Segments
> Bespoke Solutions

Concrete Sleepers

Railway Products

Stanton Bonna has an innovative approach to railway products and supplies projects such as high speed rail, tramways and mainline. Products include:
> Railway Sleepers and Bearers
> Ancillary Track Materials: Harmelen Crossing, Transition Slabs, Points Motor Ballast Guard, Derailment Containment System, Cable Draw Chambers, Perforated Drainage Troughs, Embankment Access Stairs


Stanton Bonna's actual and perceived product quality is the highest in the industry according to an independent survey.

In addition to enhanced product testing regimes, the Company operate a Third Party Certificate Assurance Scheme complying with BS EN ISO 9002.

All products comply with the relevant standards and are kitemarked as appropriate.



Research sponsored by the DTI into the life cycle of UK sewer pipes confirmed that concrete is the most environmentally sound product for pipeline systems.

Stanton Bonna also recognises the importance of managing its activities to ensure the protection of the environment.

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