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Serving the Electronics, Engineering and Aerospace industries since 1955, Star Anodising & Finishing Ltd. is approved by various leading companies...

Star Plating was originally formed in 1955 by Mr W.W.H. Smith, the father of the present Managing Director, Mr Rod Smith.  Operating from small premises in Dartford, Expansion of business, which was then mainly cyanide zinc plating, led to the first move to St. Fidelis Road.  Further growth, including growing demand from customers for anodising work, led to an extension being built on the second premises in early 1987.

Then, early in 1989, the area came up for development with emphasis on office and residential accommodation.  As the premises had again become too small, in spite of the extension, Star Plating moved to our present location at Power Works, Slade Green, Erith, Kent.  Here, Rod Smith made an investment of leasing a 35,000 sq. ft. site over 20 years.
In 1990, Rod and his Partner, William Powell, purchased the site, with 6500 sq. ft. currently being used by Star Anodising & Finishing Ltd. as we are now known.

The anodising line

We can anodise to a standard of BS1615, and alocrom to MOD Specification DTD900 (including special approval for the repair of damaged anodic coatings) for use on aircraft

The semi-automatic anodising plant supplied by Jacquet Weston Plant is based on 6ft x 4ft process tanks.  All proprietary solutions are supplied by Henkel.  The sequence is as follows:-

1. Load
2. Etch
3. Two cold water rinse (CWR) stages with counterflow
4. Desmut
5. CWR
6. Anodise
7. CWR
8. Gold dye
9. CWR
10. Black dye
11. CWR
12. Low temperature seal
13. Warm rinse
14. Unload

Star Anodising also operates a electro brightening service for stainless steel, with the plant again being supplied by Jacquet Weston

The anodising line

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