Stator Systems

For over 30 years Stator Systems have been manufacturing and distributing efficient coil winding machines. Our machines are flexible and produce good quality coils at competitive rates. The coil winding machines can cope with winding up to 60 parallel wires and are ideal for high volume production. Our ranges of machines are easy to set up, use and will suit all major production requirements.

Coil Inserting Machines

Our coil inserting machines are manufactured for electric motor generators and the automotive market. The coil inserting machines are a standalone machine which is idea for low volume production as well as high volume fully automatic systems. The machines are available as vertical or horizontal loading depending on what you have space for and is PLC controlled for flexibility.

Slot Insulation Machines

Our slot insulation machines give the option of being able to program automatic slot insulation making as standard. They are suitable for standalone machine use and are able to be set for different laminations. The slot insulation machines are able to process varying stator dimensions and we also offer a refurbishment service of your existing machines.

Rotor Winding Machines

The rotor winding machines offer high precision, fully wound rotors which can be run without an operator which is ideal for saving man power. We manufacture rotor winding machines that give high performance yet are still easy to use. The machines are designed to be loaded and unloaded inside the winding cycle time to make production more efficient.

Impregnation Machines

We distribute and manufacture a whole range of roll dip and trickle impregnation machines that use different methods of heating, such as warm air and joule effect. Our impregnation machines are flexible and modular and are designed to your individual requirements.

Fusing & Crimping Machines

We produce a wide range of fusing and crimping machines which enable fast stator lead connection with no need for the removal of enamel wire. Our fusing and crimping machines produce fantastic electrical and mechanical results. Our machines are designed to be high speed and reliable.

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