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Here at Status Instruments, we supply UK manufactured head temperature transmitters designed to suit virtually any application. Our innovative temperature transmitters will accept most common industrial temperature sensors and provide the industrial standard (4 to 20)mA output. We also manufacture a range of IS approved transmitters for hazardous area applications.

Signal Conditioners

The SEM1600 and SEM1700 series of signal conditioners have been designed using the latest technology meaning they are highly cost effective and adaptable signal conditioners. The MEDACS range takes this even further offering many advanced features that can be customized to suit specific applications. With RS485 Modbus as standard, MEDACS can be integrated into larger control systems.  

Panel Meters

Our amazingly versatile range of cost-effective panel meters accept all common industrial sensors and have a complete range of output options. From the DM3400 series through to the highly advanced DM3600 with RS485 Modbus communication, there is a panel meter to suit every need.

Loop Isolators

Here is a diverse range of very adaptable rail mount isolators providing multiple types of interface between two sets of equipment. If you're looking to remove earth loops, convert large or small DC voltage to current, power supply isolation, signal splitting, loop booting or current to voltage conversion, the SEM1000 loop isolators range is for you.

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