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Stauff Clamps | A universal range of pipe - tube - hose/cable supports that provide a standard solution to the widest possible scope of everyday applications


  • Basic sizes from 6mm - 500mm in both imperial and metric ranges
  • Ranges include Standard - Heavy - Twin - Lightweight - Construction - U bolts
  • Assembly as single - multiple - stacking - on weld plates or mounting rail
  • Clamp materials are polypropylene - polyamide - aluminium - santoprene as standard,  with special materials available for specific and arduous applications
  • Hardware components are carbon steel St.37 self colour unless otherwise requested
  • Also available with Stainless Steel Components: A2 - 1.4301/1.4305 (AISI 304);A4 - 1.4401/1.4571 (AISI 316/316Ti)
  • Standard series and Heavy series can be supplied with rubber inserts for additional vibration reduction/cushioning

The basic Ranges Are:

  • Standard Series
  • Heavy Series
  • Twin Series
  • Light Series
  • Construction Series
  • Flat Steel U-Bolt Clamps
  • Round Steel U-Bolt Clamps
  • Metal Saddle and Pipe Clamps According to Din Standards 3567 A & B | 1592 | 1593 |1596 | 1597

Special Clamps Can Be Designed And Manufactured To Customer Application

  • Tailor made versions are always available to meet customer 'extra special' specifications
  • Machined style for smaller quantities and larger scope
  • Injection moulded for volumes - in size range 650mm L x 80mm H x 70mm W
  • Specials can also have accessories such as base plates - cover plates and rubber inserts

Stauff Anti Corrosion Technology (ACT) Pipe Clamps

There are many industry specific designs that have evolved in response to common needs in problem solving. An example is the Stauff Anti Corrosion Technology Clamp (ACT Clamp) designed to solve the problem of Crevice Corrosion that occurs on stainless steel pipes in Offshore/Marine applications.

Other industries which have spawned application led designs include:

Power Plants  |  Wind Power Stations  |  Rail Technology  |  Process Technology  |  Sub Sea Pipelines


Compression Fittings

The DIN 2353 Coupling is a basic compression type joint used to plumb in rigid steel pipework for medium to high pressure systems.
It normally involves the use of an olive or cutting ring, where the action of connecting the nut to the coupling body compresses the olive onto the tube.*

They normally come in these versions:

  • Series LL Extra light 4mm - 8mm Tube Size
  • Maximum Working Pressure 100 Bar


  • Series L Light 6mm - 42mm Tube Size
  • Maximum Working Pressures 6mm 500 Bar - 42mm 250 Bar**


  • Series S Heavy 6mm - 38mm Tube Size
  • Maximum Working pressures 6mm 830 bar - 38mm 420 Bar**

Full compliance with DIN 2353 standard for interchangeability

*This must be done to specific guidelines for leakfree operation
**These pressure ratings relate to the higher performance rings in general use, compared to the basic DIN standard ratings. Check with your supplier/manufacturer if necessary

We offer a range of 'How To' Guides on different topics. For specific help on tube fittings see:

  • Understanding and Choosing Metric Tube Couplings
  • The Assembly of Metric Tube Couplings in Carbon Steel
  • The Assembly of Metric Tube Couplings in Stainless Steel

On our Metal Tube Fittings Pages

Compression Fittings

Stauff Test Couplings and Accessories

Stauff Test Point Couplings for Leak Free:

  • Pressure monitoring
  • Venting
  • Sampling in fluid power applications

STAUFF TEST has established a reputation for a comprehensive range of test couplings and accessories for hydraulic and pneumatic systems for many years now.

It offers a varied range of screw-in test couplings and test couplings for tube fittings, which are aligned to international standards and therefore guaranteed to comply with the requirements of applications all over the world.

The extensive range of accessories, including measuring hoses and pressure gauges (mechanical and digital/electronic) means that the initial test couplings fitted onto machines and service kits with measuring instruments can be obtained from a single source.

All available as single items or part of specifically designed Test Kits

Headline Ranges Cover, Follow This Link For Full Details

  • STAUFF Test 20 - Thread Connection M16 x 2 -Test Couplings with Ball Check
  • STAUFF Test 20 - Connection Thread M16 x 2 - Test Couplings with Piston Valve
  • STAUFF Test 15 - Connection Thread M16 x 1,5 - Test Couplings with Ball Check
  • STAUFF Test 12 - Connection Thread S12,65 x 1,5 - Test Couplings with Piston Valve
  • STAUFF Test 10 - Plug-In System - Test Couplings with Ball Check
  • Adaptors (for all Test Series)
  • An overview of the available Stauff Test components
  • Stauff Test Technical Index and Specialist Solutions

All parts available in Chromium 6 free plated finish or stainless steel

General Overview Of Available Stauff Test Products

Stauff Test Couplings and Accessories

Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes

We offer a comprehensive range of tubing for hydraulic and industrial applications.

Metric Tubes DIN standard 2391/c Hydraulic Tubes are available in sizes from

4 x 1mm (od x Wall Thickness) - 42 x 3mm for lower pressure applications.

6 x 1.5mm - 38 x 6mm for high pressure applications

DIN 2391/c st 37.4 Standard tube is supplied in a phosphate finish
Alternatively tubes can be supplied with Chromium 6 Free plating or as Bright bar, lightly oiled.

Hydraulic tubes are also available in Stainless Steel 316 DIN 2391,SHEET1.MATERIAL1.4571

We also supply:

  • BS 1387 The tube for heating | ventilating | industrial applications in  self colour, galvanised, red & black

You can find specific details on metric tube, sizes and recommended working pressures on our How To Guide :

Choosing The Correct Metric Tube Size and Finish

Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes

Stauff Replacement Filter Elements

Stauff Filter Elements

STAUFF manufactures one of the most comprehensive ranges of replacement filter elements for hydraulic and lubrication applications which are compatible with most of the common competitor products.

The STAUFF Replacement Element Program includes replacement elements for over 10.000 part numbers covering almost every major international brands of filter elements. The majority of these are available from stock.

Continuous improvement of the materials used as well as strict quality controls which take into consideration international standards guarantee the consistently high performance data of the filter elements.

As well as original filter elements for own filter housings, STAUFF also provides access to a comprehensive range of replacement filter elements. Here is a selection of those that match the quality and can be installed in the products of the following manufacturers:

  • Argo-Hytos
  • Donaldson
  • EPE
  • Fairey-Arlon
  • Hydac
  • Internomen
  • Mahle
  • MP Filtri
  • Pall
  • Parker

You can check out the interchange part no.s by visiting this link and entering  all or part of the manufacturers code you wish to replace.

STAUFF Filtration Technology offers a complete range of filtration products and services. This will provide the system designer or user with the highest level of contamination control demanded by today’s most sophisticated applications.

STAUFF Filtration Technology Products include Pressure Filters, Return Line Filters, Replacement Filter Elements and Spin-On Filters for various hydraulic and lubrication oils

For more information on the full range of Filtration Technology Products, please check here

Stauff Replacement Filter Elements

Hydraulic Adaptors

Hydraulic adaptors are an important part ot the pipework system. Whether they are being used on flexible hoses or rigid pipework, they are frequently the essential link between other pipes and/or components.

They come in a vast array of thread styles, unit styles and thread sizes. Often because of the variety of manufacturers preferred thread and sizing on components, there will be a need to 'adapt' pipes or other components to a matching configuration. This is where the hydraulic adaptor scores.

The range of such items is huge and we can offer advice on the best way to utilise these components in your application

For a full list of adaptors normally available, check here

We Can Help You Find The Right Part

The range of sizes available is variable according to the types of fitting style used. The basic adaptors such as BSP Male x Male for example covers the full 1/8" - 2" range,whereas something like a Bsp Male x Metric Male covers a range from1/8" BSP - 1" BSP and 14 x 1.5 - 33 x 2 respectively.

All of the commonly required threads and combinations of threads are available as straight, 45o and 90o, tees and crosses

The operating pressures of the adaptors will generally follow the same values as the other components or pipework being connected. But it's always sensible to double check. Particularly, be aware of the limitations of taper thread working pressures

 Most items are also available in Stainless Steel


Hydraulic Adaptors

Safeplast Hose Safety And Protection Systems

A range of products designed to secure and protect hoses as well as securing the safety of operators and other personnel in the proximity of working machinery.

For more information on all these products please check here

  • Safe Spiral Hose Protector
  • Flex Spiral Hose Protector

  • Safeplast Binding Spiral

  • Safeplast Mining Spiral

  • Safe Sleeve MSHA

  • Safe Sleeve PP

  • Safe Wrap

  • Safe Strip For Hose Bundles

  • Safeplast Assembly Tool   



Safeplast Hose Safety And Protection Systems

Filtration Technology

STAUFF Filtration Technology offers a complete range of filtration products and services. This will provide the system designer or user with the highest level of contamination control demanded by today’s most sophisticated applications.

 STAUFF Filtration Technology Products include Pressure Filters, Return Line Filters, Replacement Filter Elements and Spin-On Filters for various hydraulic and lubrication oils.

Replacement Elements For Many Different Filters

Spin On Filter Elements

STAUFF manufactures more than 10000 different elements and has the technical expertise to provide superior filter element designs for the STAUFF original filter housings and also for the interchange element market, while maintaining or surpassing the original performance.

The Principal Ranges Are:

  • Replacement Filter Elements
  • High and Medium Pressure Filters
  • Return Line Filters
  • Spin-On Filters
  • Offline and Bypass Filters
  • Mobile Filtration Systems
Filtration Technology

Hi Clean Tube Hangers

Hi-Clean Stainless Steel Series

STAUFF Stainless Steel pipe clamps of the  Hi-Clean series were developed specifically for use in industrial clean rooms with the highest demands regarding hygiene and design. They are primarily used in the fields of process engineering and in the food, beverage and pharmaceuticals industry.


  •  Patent approved design
  •  All the components are designed to comply with specifications and guidelines as defined by ASME-BPE
  •  Suitable for pipes, tubes and other lines with outer diameters between 6,4 mm and 168,4 mm
  •  Rounded-off edges and corners to prevent dirt adhesion; no exposed threads or threads covered with acorn nuts
  •  All plastic components comply with the specifications of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States)
  •  All metal components manufactured from corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel with high-gloss polished material surfaces

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Hi Clean Tube Hangers

Help With Choosing & Using Pipework Components

Stauff Anglia Offers A Free Range Of Guides To Help You Choose And Use Pipeline Components

Visit Our How To Page

How to choose Metric Tube Couplings

How to assemble compression couplings in carbon steel

How to assemble compression couplings in stainless steel

How to choose metric tube

How to correctly size a pipe or hose

How to choose high pressure hose, with consideration for application installation, protection and storage

How to choose high pressure hose with consideration for working and burst pressures

How to install pipe clamps for maximum benefit and to ensure longer tube service life

How to Read Hydraulic Symbols to better understand layout diagrams

Of Special Value

Our hose selection, installation and storage guide is a valuable 10 point plan to help avoid the common pitfalls with much additional key information on correct description for trouble free ordering.

Visit Our How To Page

Help With Choosing & Using Pipework Components

Industrial pipework Products

Steel pipeline flanges and fittings cover a very broad range of industries, materials and applications. Black and galvanised malleable iron, wought iron, stainless and high carbon steel are all standard materials.

For more information on types, please check here

Industrial pipework Products

Socket Weld Couplings

Socket Weld Couplings For Industrial Applications

Available in Steel and Stainless Steel 3000 and 6000 series

sizes 1/2" - 4" - 3000 series

sizes 1/2" - 2" - 6000 series

They are used only in conjunction with ASME Pipe and are available in the same size range.
They are used in areas where pipe-work is permanent and are designed to provide good flow characteristics.
They are are produced to several ASTM standards and are manufactured in accordance with ASME B16.11. The B16.11 standard covers pressure-temperature ratings

For more information on types and styles please check here


Socket Weld Couplings

Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

Medium to high pressure hydraulic hose Available in sizes 3/16" - 2" with working pressures up to 500 Bar

Medium to extremely high pressure hydraulic hose. Available in sizes 3/8" - 2" with working pressures up to 420 Bar including HP capabilities in the larger bore sizes ... More

High pressure hose. Suitable for water jetting cleaning equipment, Available in sizes 1/4" - 1/" with working pressure up to 500 Bar

Hoses for low and medium to pressure hydraulic lines Available in sizes 3/16" - 4" with working pressures up to 160 Bar

High abrasion resistant hose for increased service life in harsh enviroments and in heavy duty applications Available in sizes 1/4" - 2" with Working Pressures up to 450 Bar

Airless paint spray systems – Applications requiring high chemical resistance to solvents and aggressive fluids. Thermoplastic and Steel braided versions. Available in sizes 3/16" - 1/2"  with working pressures up to 350 Bar

PTFE HosesFor aggressive chemicals transfer systems – Compressed air and gases – High or low temperature fluid or gas transfer.Available in sizes 4.9mm - 26.1 ID  with working pressures up to 276 Bar

Thermoplastic hoses singel and twin (Siamese) Available in sizes 3/16" - 1" with working pressures up to 750 Bar and with either plastic or steel braid reinforcement ...More

Hose couplings

Hose Couplings - Ferrules (sleeves) And Coupling Inserts Along with the ongoing development of the many hoses that are now available, it is equally important that the the proper attention is paid to the fittings that are used. The use of correct ferrules (sleeve) is essential. Call us and we will discuss the relevant choices and advise you.

Within each basic style of fitting (coupling), there are numerous thread possibilities. these include BSP, Metric,JIC, SAE and many variations on those threads, with others that reflect the countries that design and use machinery

Sizes are normally within the range 3/16" - 2" The choice of styles includes: Males | Females | Elbows of diferent settings | Banjo Connectors | Standpipe Ends | SAE Flanges and specialist types such as high pressure washer connections

Catalogue Information Here

Hose couplings

SAE And Gear Pump Flanges

SAE Flange Connectors are available in Standard and High Pressure Series according to ISO 6162-1/2:2006 and SAE J518 C respectively

General Specifications:

¿ 3000 PSI Standard Pressure Series (ISO 6162-1:2006): 1/2" (DN13) ... 5" (DN127)
¿ 6000 PSI High Pressure Series (ISO 6162-2:2006): 1/2" (DN13) ... 2" (DN51)
¿ Materials: S355J0 / C45 (or equivalent), Stainless Steel 1.4404 on request (W5)
¿ Surfaces: Where relevant are in Chromium 6 Free finish

View catalogue information here

SAE And Gear Pump Flanges

Industrial Hoses

We offer a wide range of hoses for a variety of industrial use.

Suction and Delivery hose for both fluids and other media, in reinforced and layflat styles.

For use in agriculture, construction, process, food and many other industries.

For more information please check here

Industrial Hoses