Steelgear (a division of Darac Ltd)


We sell forged/fabricated stainless steel Eyebolts in 316 grade to a wide variety of industries

Eye plates

We sell Round, Square and diamond shaped Eye plates in Stainless steel buy online or enquire now

Snap hooks

We sell a wide variety of snap hooks or carbine hooks in Stainless steel. Many different size with large stocks help


We have ever-expanding range of shackles in A4 316 Stainless Steel. Bow, dee and twisted shackles are a common staple of any marine supplies store. You want to know that these parts are made from quality Stainless Steel to weather the harsh marine environment, and that they will withstand the task at hand. Includes halyard and snap shackles, and shackles with different pin types. Bow and dee shackles now also available load rated - supplied with certification.


We currently supply the following types of chain in A4 AISI 316 stainless : Calibrated Long Link Chain - DIN 763 & 5685 Calibrated Short Link Chain - DIN 766 & 5685A Short Link Anchor Chain - calibrated and to forms DIN 766 & ISO 4565. We supply chain in any length, from a couple of metres to 100m reels. We also offer chain cutting services, where multiple lengths of chains are required, saving you time, equipment hassles and manpower. Stainless A4 AISI 316 grade being ideal for corrosive environments or just for very long life outdoors.


Wire rope assemblies

You can use many of our wire rope products yourself at home or in the workplace without lots of specialist equipment. But for a durable, professional finish, you can use our swaging services to achieve seamless finishes and super strong wire rope assemblies. We offer both hydraulic ferrule pressing and swage terminal roller swaging. Call or email us for a quotation.

Wire rope assemblies

Fasteners - Nuts Bolts Screws etc

We cover most forms of fasteners, but all in quality A2 and A4 Stainless Steel. Nuts, bolts , washers, Machine screws etc

This means they combine perfectly with the rest of our product range, and make us a great choice for anyone working in the food and drink manufacturing, marine and aviation industries. Some of our range is also available in A4-80 Stainless Steel, which has higher tensile properties to take even greater strain. Much of our range is available for immediate dispatch, but we also offer certain, less common sizes and types of fastener on a long lead time basis. 

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