Stein Atkinson Stordy Ltd

Stein Atkinson Stordy (SAS), are world-wide leaders in Thermal Processing Equipment. The company's headquarters are in the West Midlands in central England.

SAS's origins go back to 1916 when English furnace engineer James Atkinson joined forces with French industrialist Charles-Marie Stein to form the company then known as Stein & Atkinson. Stein Atkinson Stordy was formed following a merger with combustion engineer Jack Stordy in the 1960's.

Constant technical innovation ensured that the company grew throughout the decades. In the 1920's the firm introduced the first Walking Beam Furnace which was the fore-runner of modern steel reheat technology.

Today SAS are still involved in all areas of traditional thermal engineering supported by in-house manufacturing and a control systems division.
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