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For the most technologically advanced and high performance shearography system, we provide the ultimate solutions.

Our shearography system solutions include the Intact shearography tyre test systems, the leading systems for the non-destructive testing of new tyres and carcasses. Also, the ISIS shearography systems, used for quick and unambiguous detection of in-service damage and material defects.

Hand Held Scanner

Allow us to introduce the new 3D laser hand held scanner, the Steinbichler T-Scan CS.

This top of the range hand held scanner sets new high standards, offers exceptional performance, ease-of-use and outstanding value for money.

3D Digitising

We specialise in 3D digitising. For the 3D digitising of freeform surfaces, we have two advanced system solutions.

For flexible and mobile use for a new generation, we present the COMET® systems, based on white light fringe projection, and the T-SCAN, the handheld laser scanner.

Optical Surface Inspection

We provide the most detailed and precise optical surface inspection. Optical surface inspection can prove vital for the integrity and quality of a product, especially within the automotive industry.

Our optical surface protection is delivered using the most technologically advanced systems: the ABIS II, with an enhanced contrast sensor system and the ABISoptimizer, the worldwide first portable surface inspection system.

Tyre Testing Equipment

We provide and utilise the ultimate tyre testing equipment.

Our tyre testing equipment includes the Intact shearography tyre test solutions, leading systems for the non-destructive testing of new tyres and carcasses.

For more information on our tyre testing equipment, visit our website.

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