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We have an unrivaled passion for imaging and imaging technology.

Based in Germany and with subsidiaries across Europe, we have been providing products such as cameras for machine vision systems for over three decades.

Machine vision systems require specialist camera products and our vast expertise allows us to supply machine vision cameras to a multitude of industries and sectors.

Machine Vision Camera

Our choice of machine vision camera options is vast and all models are expertly designed and manufactured. We supply industrial cameras manufactured by some of the world's most prominent brands. If you are not sure of your exact requirement, contact us now.

The full range of our machine vision cameras caters for many markets including:

  • Industrial vision
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Scientific imaging
  • High end security
Machine Vision Camera

Cables and Connectors for Machine Vision

Cables and connectors for machine vision or imaging need to be hard-wearing and durable due to industrial applications and the necessity of reliability.

We supply cables and connectors for machine vision to adhere to environmental concerns and standards as well as the consideration of many other product requirements and features, including:

  • Fire safe materials
  • Robotic flex
  • Chemical exposure resistance
Cables and Connectors for Machine Vision

Frame Grabbers

We provide comprehensive advice and solutions for the application and use of frame grabbers and image acquisition products for machine vision systems.

Interfacing standards often use USB or FireWire ports, although some do require frame grabbers. Our position on all machine vision standards committees means we supply you with the most informed advice and solutions.

Frame Grabbers

Machine Vision Software Products

Every single industrial vision system requires machine vision software products. Applications range from camera control all the way up to completely unique system requirements.

All of our solutions for the range of machine vision software products can be applied to many systems and tasks and ease of use and cost efficiency are always a priority when we work with you.

Machine Vision Software Products

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