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We provide an extensive range of mobile steps in a selection of sizes including:

  • 3 steps - 800mm
  • 4 steps - 1040mm
  • 5 steps - 1260mm
  • 6 steps - 1530mm
  • 7 steps - 1820mm

Other mobile steps include 8 steps - 2010mm, 9 steps - 2320mm, 10 steps - 2690mm, 12 steps - 3010mm, 14 steps - 3500mm, and 16 steps - 4000mm.

Roll Cages

Our extensive range of quality roll cages and roll pallets include:

  • Mammoth Demountable Roll Cage
  • Security a Frame Roll Cage
  • 4 Sided a Frame Roll Cage
  • 3 Sided a Frame Roll Cage

We also have a variety of second hand roll cages available including demountable roll cages, KMD rigid roll cage and jumbo demountable roll cage. Our roll pallet accessories include roll pallet load retaining straps, lorry ratchet straps and load bars and roll cage covers and liners.

Roll Cages


Our range of stillages is available in standard or bespoke designs. There is a considerable discount on bulk orders of stillages so contact us today to find our more information and get a quote.


Tote Boxes

We supply a range of tote boxes including plastic tote boxes and stacking and nesting containers. Contact us for a quote and more information on our tote boxes including options on size, capacity, style, weight, and maximum load.

Tote Boxes

Garden Centre Trolleys

We also provide a range of garden centre trolleys to meet the high demands of trolleys in different environments and applications. Our garden centre trolleys have been developed using the highest quality materials and are durable and practical. They have a reputation as long term, beneficial investments.

Our range includes: 

  • GCR1 - 'Classic' All Purpose Trolley
  • GCR6 Tray Trolley
  • 'Compact' Narrow Aisle Trolley
  • GCR3 'Two Tier' Trolley
  • GCR4 'Load Lugger' Trolley
  • GCR5 Nursery Barrow
Garden Centre Trolleys

Straps and Load Bars

We provide a selection of straps and load bars including a range of ratchet straps such as:

  • 4m x 50mm Medium Duty Box Van Ratchet Strap
  • 10m Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps
  • 4M Light Duty Over Centre Buckle Strap for Box Vans
  • 3.6M Medium Duty Over Centre Buckle Strap for Box Vans

Our straps and load bars also include a variety of rigid load bars including cups, sprung load bars and cargo stays. Our wide range of tracking includes:

  • T001 Track
  • T002 Track
  • T011 Track
  • T007 Track
Straps and Load Bars

Roll Cage Rental

Our services also include roll cage rental for long term rental and spot hire needs. We have a quantity of short term roll cage rental agreements available and can be as short as a week or as long as 3 to 5 years. Our roll cage rentals can also be tailored to suit a range of requirements.

Roll Cage Rental

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