Stetfield Separators Ltd.


Stetfield Separators Ltd specialises in design and manufacture of standard, or purpose built, liquid separation systems for oily water and general effluent applications Internationally. The company was formed following a management buy-out from Hodge Separators Ltd.

Operating in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petroleum, General Manufacturing, Food and Beverage Process Industries we offer:

  • Tilted/Corrugated Plate Separators
  • Lamella Settlers
  • Tramp Oil Coalescers
  • Dissolved Air Flotation Plant
  • Ultrafiltration

Equipment is designed and fabricated in the UK to suit customer”s individual applications.  We specialise in the refurbishment of old In-Ground Interceptors manufactured by CJB Developments and Environmental Engineering.

In 2008 Stetfield signed an exclusive agreement with Voltas Ltd. (part of the TATA Group in India) to market their equipment in the UK and Ireland.  This equipment range includes: -

  • Rotary Clarifiers (half and full bridge)
  • Grit Classifiers and Detritors
  • Surface aerators (fixed and floating types)
  • Picket Fence Sludge Thickeners
  • Screw Pumps
  • API Oil Separators


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