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Stevens Rowsell Sheet Metal Engineering is one of the leading specialist subcontract manufacturers of precision sheet metal components, welded fabrications and sheet metalwork sub-assemblies in the South of England.

The company maintains their capability to supply exact and tolerant sheet metalwork through the provision of well organised, reliable and lean production capacity in laser cutting, cnc punching, press brake folding, mig and tig welding, and surface finishing.

Since 1965 the business has frequently invested in the latest production machinery and software technology to ensure that its sheet metal engineering and manufacturing capability is fast, efficient and precise in order to satisfy the requirements of ever changing and increasingly demanding industry sectors and lead-time sensitive markets.

The company combines a balanced mix of competent and proficient managers with a skilled and experienced workforce to provide a comprehensive and flexible sheet metalwork service supplying prototype samples and small batch orders through to high volume production and valuable bespoke projects.

Located in a modern and well developed 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Hastings, the company is passionately committed to providing an outstanding sub contract sheet metalwork manufacturing package and is proud of the reputation it has built up in the market place for professional and personal customer service, consistent on time delivery and high quality product.

Sheet metal Working production capacity in;

  1. Laser Cutting
  2. CNC Punching
  3. Press Brake Folding
  4. Welding & Fabrication
  5. Assembly
  6. Surface Finishing

Stevens Rowsell predominantly focus on the batch production of general and fine limit sheet metal components and have a scope of involvement ranging from initial prototype through to contract production.

Examples of products we have manufactured;

  • Housings for calibration and laboratory equipment
  • Steel enclosures and parts for humidifying and air conditioning units.
  • Stainless Steel pump housings
  • Steel boxes & enclosures for heating and ventilation systems.
  • Steam distribution pipes assemblies for supermarket meat counters
  • Heat recovery assemblies
  • Mounting brackets for vehicles
  • Decorative fireplace surrounds and back box assemblies
  • Welded sub-assemblies for inclusion in road sweeper vehicles.
  • Metal cash boxes for car parking ticket machines.
  • Cable management systems and building products for offices
  • POS stainless steel shelving and display units.
  • Fabricated stainless steel tubular products.

Our organisation is run according to a defined and well managed business structure, operating procedures and the latest ISO 9001:2010 quality management system to which we are BSI accredited.

Our philosophy of total customer satisfaction comes from our in-house culture for continual improvement, ongoing investment in the training of our staff, investment in the latest information systems/cadcam software, planned investment in new machine technology and through the operation of documented process control and lean manufacturing techniques.

Laser Cutting Service

Our laser cutting service is provided using our innovative Trumpf laser machine. This machine offers high speed, efficient and high cost effective form of profiling sheet metal.

Our laser cutting service ensures all the work is produced at competitive prices and is turned round very quickly while maintaining only the highest quality. All work is produced with a superb clean cut and an oxide-free finish.

Laser Cutting Service

Sheet Metal Punching

Sheet metal punching consists of punching, making holes or cutting out pieces of sheet metal for specific requirements using a process called shearing.

Sheet metal punching and shearing is the result of placing a sheet between an upper punch and a lower die. When the sheet is moved around the machine table, the upper punch produced a hole identical to the geometric contour of the die.

Sheet Metal Punching

Sheet Metal Folding

We have a comprehensive range of sheet metal folding services available and our wide range of tooling enables us to form a variety of geometrics.

On sheet metal folding equipment, the punch is hydraulically forced down, pressing into the die and creating a fold. The variety of punch dimensions determines the geometry and angle of the finished fold.  

Sheet Metal Folding

Sheet Metal Welding

We have a wealth of sheet metal welding techniques available to suit a variety of requirements and productions. Different jobs require different technologies, and we have the skill and expertise to provide a range of services.

Using the correct sheet metal welding technique will achieve the desired results. This is  why we only use high performance welding sets produced by Miller or Murex/ESAB. 

Our services include MIG welding, TIG welding and resistance welding.

Sheet Metal Welding

Sheetmetal & Metalwork Assembly

Our complete sheetmetal and metalwork assembly service provide a one-stop-shop of manufacturing solutions. Our sheetmetal and metalwork assembly service will provide project management oversee the entire process. We can deal with projects ranging from any subcontract work to inserting clinch fastenings.

Our in-house capabilities include a variety of automatic and semi automatic machines use to install fixings, semi-tubular, pop rivets, vibration proof fasteners, and press forming of joints.

Sheetmetal & Metalwork Assembly

Sheet Metal Fabrication Computer Aided Design

We use an array of sheet metal fabrication computer aided design facilities and technologies to ensure projects we take on fulfil their requirements and fit seamlessly together.

Our sheet metal fabrication computer aided design equipment includes six CAD stations all running the current version of Autodesk Inventor 3D.

This technology gives our clients the benefits of tailored features allowing us to deliver production-ready drawings in rapid time and guarantee all work completed by deadline. 

Sheet Metal Fabrication Computer Aided Design

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