Sticky New Media

Professional, contemporary and effective web design.

Sticky are an independent and imaginative firm working in new media - websites, interative CDs, powerpoint presentations, interactive pdfs and just about everything in between.

Professional communications
Using a process developed over 14 years in business, we build websites that particularly answer the needs of marketing managers and directors. We implement from brand guidelines if you have them, we help to create them if you do not. We build sites that build differentiation, communicate core values, can be kept up-to-data in-house and are two way communication tools.

Keeping you in control
We focus on enablement. We develop and implement online software systems that enable you to edit the text, images and even database content of your website quickly and easily. There are no more delays or costs from developers for simple content changes. Yes, we're there to support you when you need us, but we put you in control using solutions such as Content Management Systems (CMS), Investor Relations (IR) Tools, eCommerce, Event Tracking and other online databases. Training for you and your staff is, of course, included.

Reasons to choose Sticky
- We balance technical ability with proven, effective design
- We have over 14 years' business communication experience
- We are familiar with the requirements, aims and goals of Marketing Managers and Directors of UK organisations
- Our main strength is in B2B Comms
- We work as part of your marketing team
- We have an efficient structure - direct contact with creatives and programmers - no Middle Managers or Account Executives
- We focus on enabling you so you don't need us for the day-to-day
- Our creative and fresh approach
- We are approved Consultants for projects with UK .Gov Funding

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