Straight Line Software Solutions


Straight Line Software Solutions have taken measures to give their customers the best possible software development experience. They use tools and techniques from Lean Six Sigma to ensure that all of their activities add value to the customers.

As a customer you can expect the following during the software development process:

  1. Regular demonstrations of new functionality to ensure there are no surprises
  2. Daily 15 minute stand-up calls for the team to discuss what they are working on. The customer is encouraged to join these whenever they can.
  3. A product owner will be assigned to your project. He or she will act on your behalf to ensure your requirements are met. They will act as the interface between you and StraightLine.
  4. The latest code is made available every day and hosted in the cloud so you can check the latest functionality at any time in any place. The customer is encouraged to provide feedback at any time.
  5. The Straight Line team take a huge amount of pride in their work and always aim to provide totally bug free software first time.

Business Analysis

Often there is a need for someone to define exactly what the software development team should be building; this is where the business analysis team fits in. One or more business analysts will work with you to define your requirements and priorities to ensure the software is built according to your needs. Sometimes it can be a really difficult task to get beneath the surface of what is truely required... that's why you need a very skilled business analyst and Straight Line is the right choice for you!

Process excellence

It is very easy to build software to solve a problem but it can be an expensive and time consuming approach. Sometimes a simple process change can be just as effective and much faster to implement. Straight Line have process experts who can break down your business processes to really understand what is going wrong and why.

If there is a simple solution to your problem a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from Straight Line will find it.

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