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Here at Strainsense, we supply a wide range of accelerometers including board level accelerometers, high temperature accelerometers and miniature accelerometers. Our accelerometers are used for a range of applications within test, measurement and OEM industries.

Fluid Properties Sensors

We offer a selection of OEM fluid properties sensors that can minimise emissions, optimise engine performance and help to avoid engine failures. All fluid properties sensors are fully integrated and can be used by an ECU.

Strain Gauge Based Sensors

We have a fantastic range of strain gauge based sensors which provide tension, compression, universal, shear and bending in many configurations. We can design and manufacture strain gauge based sensors to meet your individual requirements.

Inertial Navigation Sensors

Our inertial navigation sensors can be used for applications including aerospace, oil-drilling systems, submarine and marine systems. These systems can be very demanding. Included in our inertial navigation sensors are the quartz gyros and quartz servo accelerometers rage.

Pressure Sensors

We can provide pressure sensors to enable manufacturers to build into their own transducers or equipment. The pressure sensors also include surface mount, TO, and dual-in-line systems.

Torque Transducers

Our torque transducers have high stiffness and optional high level outputs.

Some of the torque transducers options include:

  • Steering wheel sensor
  • 2 Torque
  • 2 Angles
  • Angular velocity
  • High accuracy

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