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Strainstall UK Ltd design and manufacture a large range of premium quality load cells, load pins, load shackles and load measurement systems. We also specialise in supplying bespoke load cell solutions for unique applications, including harsh environments and hazardous areas, in order to meet the exact requirements of the customer. See below or visit our website for more information on all of our products and services.

 Compression Cells

Our range of standard compression load cells starts at a load capacity of 50kgs, while at the other end of the scale we supply high strength stainless steel compression load cells with full environmental protection and calibrated to 100 tonnes. We can also provide 'specials' that can be up to 3,000 tonnes.

Load Cell Manufacturers

Strainstall manufactures and supplies a wide range of load cells for all industrial applications using the latest design and manufacturing technologies They range from very small 'Z' or 'S' type load cells with capacities starting from 10kgs to large bespoke load cells with capacities up to 3,000 tonnes.

There are several additional types of load cells available to meet the demands of the numerous applications they are used for, including hazardous area and harsh environments. All our load cells are exremely robust, with a design life of 20+ years. Our other load cells include:

Load Pins

Over the years, Strainstall's vast experience of producing bespoke load pins that meet very specific client requirements means that almost every application variant is available within our load pin range. The benefit to our customers of using our load pins  is clear - whatever it is you are looking for, you've just found it!

Please visit our website to see the benefits of Strainstall load pins.

Load Shackles

Load shackles are designed as both a simple and practical method of obtaining tensile load measurement. The marine and industrial ranges of load shackles have an innovative stainless steel pin, manufactured complete with anti-rotation plate and fitted with a loading bobbin.

Visit our website to read about the benefits of load shackles.

Load Links

Made out of aluminium alloy, load links are a cost effective alternative to standard load cells. Our standard load link range is from 2 tonnes to 400 tonnes, although larger capacities, high accuracy and load links manufactured to specific physical dimensions are available on request.

More benefits of load links are available to view on our website.

Strain Rings

Strainstall strain rings were originally designed for deep sea structure monitoring; however, their ease of installation and versatility has made them popular with many other applications. These strain rings can be attached by brackets, clamped, bonded or welded to the target structure, and are fully encapsulated and environmetally sealed, making them ideal for use in harsh environments.

Please visit our website for more information.

Load Measurement Systems

The construction and function of industrial machinery is virtually limitless in variation. At Strainstall we are versatile enough to supply sensors and measurement instruments to meet a wide range of applications, often with many logistical and environmental constraints. Supply-only or commissioned and installed by Strainstall personnel, we offer state-of-the-art technology and no compromise technical expertise.

Load Cell Instrumentation

Strainstall also supplies a range of instrumentation to interface between our load cells and load measuring systems. All our instrumentation products are manufactured to suit the environments in which they will be used, from standard workshop to instrumentation units for harsh offshore applications housed in stainless steel enclosures to IP67. They also offer reliability, high performance and are simple to use and operate.

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