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Suppliers of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and accesories. Sturdy Vac of Brighton, Sussex, has many years experience in the field of Commercial Vacuum Cleaners. We pride ourselves in offering a personal but prompt service to our customers

We offer a comprehensive range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for all types of Industrial Cleaning duties from Swarf & Coolant, Liquids, Granules, Hazardous Materials, Aircraft Cleaning, Full Range of Cleaning Tools, Suction Hoses and Vacuum Cleaner Ancillary Equipment.

Dry Vaccum Cleaners

Dry Vaccum Cleaners :  Model SVK10 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner - This model is powered by a 1,000 Watt Direct Air Flow Two Stage Motor supported on a 10 litre pressed steel Canister with 32mm screwed connector. Material is deposited directly into a disposable paper bag, alternatively into a re- useable cloth bag with zip. Other options also available. The motor is protected by a 11" diameter filter assembly. All mounted on a Castor Base Trolley with four 50mm Castors. Supplied with 32mm Accessory Tool Kit and Ten Disposable Paper Bags. Suitable for use on 110 or 240 volt Single Phase 50Hz.

(115v 400 Hz A.C for Aircraft Cleaning).

Machine Performance  Maximum Vacuum 2,500mm (98" W.G), Maximum Airflow 2.6 m³/min (43.5L/Sec)

Options Include: Type 'H' Filtration for Hazardous Materials

Prices: 110 volt £197.50 Complete, 240 volt £174.00 Complete  (Generous Discounts Available)

For more information on our other Dry Vaccum Cleaners, please see our website.

Wet and Dry Vaccum Cleaners

Wet and Dry Vaccum Cleaners: This model is powered by a 1,000 watt two stage By-Pass Motor supported on a 13 litre Plastic construction Canister with 32mm screwed connector. When used for dry use the collected material is deposited directly into a Disposable Paper Bag. The motor is protected from ingress of dust by a 12" diameter filter assembly When used for liquids a float assembly is fitted and will collect 9 litres of liquids. When the canister is full the vacuum will shut off. All mounted on a castor base trolley with four 50mm castors, supplied with 32mm Tool Kit. Suitable for use on 110 or 240 volt Single Phase 50Hz
(Also Suitable for use on 115 volt 400Hz).

Machine Performance: Maximum Vacuum 2,450mm (96" W.G)
Motor: Maximum Airflow 2.75 m³/min
Prices: 110 volt £211.00 Complete (32mm Tool Kit), 240 volt £188.00 Complete (32mm Tool Kit) (Generous Discounts Available).

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Compressed Air Range of Vacuum Cleaners

Compressed Air Range of Vacuum Cleaners: Ideal for working in potentially explosive areas, or where no electricity is available. These machines can be used for all types of Industrial Cleaning. Duties ranging from Paint Spraying Booths, Wet & Dry collection - Type 'H' Filtration for Hazardous Materials. Supplied with 38mm Anti-Statc Accessory Tool Kit.

All Airvacs ATEX approved Category 2 (Gas Zone 1/Dust Zone 21) CE  11 2 G D c 11C 50oC (T6)

Machine Performance: Airflow Between 90 cfm @ 1800 mm (71" WG)
- 118 cfm @ 2600 mm (102" WG)
Compressed Air Usage 18 scfm @ 44 psig - 36 scfm @ 101 psig
Prices : Dry Air Vacs Starting from £562.00 Complete (38mm Anti-Static Tool Kit)  (Generous Discounts Available)

Type H Vaccum Cleaners

Model SVK10 Type 'H' Industrial Vacuum Cleaner:  This machine is powered by a 1,000 watt Direct Air Flow Two Stage Motor, The unit incorporates Three Stages of Filtration.                                                         
Stage One: Primary Separation takes place in a Disposable Paper Bag secured within a 10 litre Pressed Steel Canister fitted with 32mm Plastic Screwed Connector.
Stage Two: 11" Diameter High Efficiency Fabric Filter protects the Vacuum Motor Head from ingress of dust.
Stage Three: Hepa Cartridge Chamber having Glass Fibre Paper Element 99.997% efficient on particles to 0.6 microns to BS 3928 secured to the negative pressure (suction) side of the power head. The canister supports the motor head which is secured by two toggle clips, All mounted on a Castor Base Trolley with Four 50mm diameter castors, supplied with 32mm Comprehensive Tool Kit. Pack of Ten Disposable Paper Bags with Self Adhesive Sealing Discs for the Paper Bags, Spare 11" diameter High Efficiency Filter Assembly. This machine is fitted with Lockable Clips, Diffuser and Blanking Cap with Safety Captive Plug and Strap on the canister.
This machine conforms to the Filtration requirements of the Type "H" Amendment BS 5415.
Suitable for 110 or 240 volt Single Phase 50Hz. Machine supplied with Full Operating Instruction Manual and Type "H" Test Certificate.
Machine Performance, Maximum Vacuum 2,450mm (96" W.G)
Maximum Airflow 2.75.m3/min (42 litres per second)
Prices: 110 volt £389.00 Complete (Plus C & P & V.A.T)
240 volt £366.00 Complete (Plus C & P & V.A.T) (Generous Discounts Available)

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Air Craft Vaccum Cleaners

RSV130 Ruck Sac Aircraft Type Vacuum Cleaner:  115 Volt 400 CyclesThis versatile Numatic RSV130 (Ruc Sac Vac) has a 1,100 Watt Direct Air Flow Motor, 6 Litre capacity, large filter system and 2-stage filtration system with Disposable Paper Bag. Ergonomically designed comfortable harness system allows the operator good mobility into those awkward to reach locations. Supplied with 32mm Accessory Tool kit, and Ten NVM1C/2 Disposable Paper Bags. This handy little Vac allows you access and speedy cleaning of congested environments

Suitable for use on 115 volt 400 Hz A.C

Machine Performance: Maximum Vacuum 2400 mm (95"W.G)

Maximum Airflow 2.52m³/min (40L/Sec      

Price: £271.00 Complete (Plus C&P & V.A.T.) (Generous Discounts available)

For more information on our aircraft vaccum cleaner range, please see our website.

Swarf Vaccum Cleaners

SWARF VAC INDUSTRIAL VACUUM CLEANER: The Swarf Vac is a Portable Unit designed to pick up Engineering Coolant (suds) and Metal Chipping's Swarf. The motor unit is protected by a ball float system to cut off the suction to prevent over filling of the canister with liquid. Around the float cage is a perforated steel filter to prevent swarf being sucked into the vacuum motors.

Sitting in the canister is a perforated steel basket with a lifting handle. This basket holds the metal chipping's/swarf. When the basket is lifted out of the canister the liquid drains out. The canister is fitted with a drain hose and stopper to empty the canister of liquid.
FEATURES: 4Capacity of Canister/Basket:  45 Litres, 4No. of Motors in Vacuum Head:  2 (Also available with Single Motor)
 4Supply Voltage, 240 volts, (Also available in 110v and Compressed Air Powered)

Chimney Sweep Vacuum Cleaner

 Chimney Sweep Vacuum Cleaner: Most Chimney Sweeps have their own views as to what they want in a Vacuum Cleaner.

One or Two Motors - 20, 30, 45 Litre Capacity, Stainless Steel Canister, With or Without Trolley, With or Without Hepa Cartridge Filter, Various types of Filtration Media, Various types of Filter Protectors, 38mm or 51mm Suction Hose and Accessories.


We were approached by Mr David Moore Chimney Sweep Essex who was recommended to contact us by another sweep, and we came up with the following Vacuum Cleaner to meet his requirements.



Two 1,000 watt By-Pass Motors with individual On/Off Switches with Protective Switch Covers, Six Metres 3 core Cable fitted with moulded plug, fitted to the Canister Cable Hook (we can also fit two cable cleats if required) Canister Carrying Handles can be fitted to suit individual requirements, but David felt they were was just about in the right position, Screwed Hose Connection on the Canister with Blanking Cap and Strap (so no soot can leak). Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Trolley available

if required alternatively a castor base trolley.


But as you all know Filtration is the biggest concern, some like the soot to go directly into the canister and others into a disposable paper bag whatever you want you still need Good Filtration and we offer Polyester Needlefelt with Micro Porous Finish which provides good release properties but also available with Nylon finish, Anti-Static Material, Grey Polypropylene Resin High Efficiency.


We also offer a range of Filter Protectors and this can be Paper Type, material type such as Satin Nylon Finish or Black SpunBond Material finish whichever you use they still need to be kept clean.


The HEPA Cartridge Filter fitted to this machine having glass fibre paper element 99.997% efficient on particles to 0.6 microns to BS 3928 secured to the negative pressure. This Filter has a very large surface area and will therefore give improved performance and a greatly increased filter life 38mm or 51mm wire reinforced suction hose and accessories to suit most requirements.

Sturdy Vac Engineering Ltd

Sturdy Vac Engineering was established by Rodney Fowler eight years ago and is very much a family run business and the family assist both on the production and administration side of the business.

We would be very pleased to call and discuss your requirements further or would be happy to carry out a demonstration on site with no obligation

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