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StuvEx have the knowledge and expertise to prevent gas and dust explosions from occurring. If it is impossible to avoid explosive atmospheres then StuvEx can help you to prevent ignition sources in your mechanical and electrical equipment.

StuvEx have the ability to install and inspect many different forms of Explosion prevention, including applying limitations, temperature dection technology, and proper earthing on mechanical and electrical equipment.

StuvEx can supply technology for CO, Spark and Gas detection to ensure Explosion Prevention.

Suppression & Extinguishing

StuvEx's Explosion Suppression & Extinguishing system detects the early stages of combustion and discharges the correct amount of extinguishing agent to suppress the explosion.  

StuvEx has a Explosion Suppression & Extinguishing system perfect for every environment. StuvEx can provide fire protection for:

  • an electric switchboard
  • a filter
  • machining
  • UHF furnaces and hot-air tunnels
  • electrostatic powder booth

StuvEx have produced a new generation of universal control units to make the operation for the systems much easier.

StuvEx stock all the equipment required for a suppression & extinguishing system, including, CO2 cylinders, Amplifiers, Infrared Flame Detectors, Flame and Spark Detectors and CO2 Extinguishing accessories.

Explosion Venting

Explosion Venting is a traditional method of explosion protection. In an explosion the vents are opened to release the explosion pressure.

StuvEx have the knowledge and experience to calculate and correctly position Explosion Venting.


Explosion Venting

StuvEx offer two forms of Explosion Venting:

Explosion Venting with Bursting Discs - a means of releasing pressure at a certain level.

Explosion Venting with Integrated Flame Arresting Elements - the explosion is released in a controlled situation with the flame jet being extinguished, (mainly indoor use).

Explosion Isolation

Explosion Isolation is an important factor in Explosion prevention. In most cases, secondary explosions cause more damage than the initial explosion.

StuvEx off three types of Explosion Isolation Solutions:

  • Isolation through Existing Process Elements - this includes the use of roots blowers, rotary valves, conveyer screws, non-return valves or double valves.
  • Isolation through Passive Elements - this involves using Ventex fast-closing valves, explosion relief sacks and flame arresters.
  • Isolation through Active Elements - the entails using Chemical Barriers, Diverter Valves, Fast-shutting Gate Valves and Fire Trap Valves.
Explosion Isolation

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All three of these systems can be installed in any environment and have no influence on existing processes. For further information please visit our website.

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Explosion Resistance

Explosion Resistance is an excellent way to limit the consequences to a vessel if an explosion should occur.

StuvEx are able to design and construct Explosion Resistant vessels that meets all safety margins and can withstand large amounts of explosion pressure.

For less heavy protect StuvEx offer a vessel that is Explosion Pressure and Shock Resistant. The vessel will not collapse in an event of an explosion but the vessel may receive permanent deformations.

All three of these systems can be installed in any environment and have no influence on existing processes. For further information please visit our website.