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Suhner UK Ltd are abrasive experts and specialists in grinding power tools, electric grinders and pneumatic grinders. Our state-of-the-art and vast program of abrasives covers all possible requirements. If you would like a power tool demonstration, visit our video page to see the equipment in action.

For further power tool demonstrations, we will be present at some of this year's biggest exhibitions including The Big 5 Show 2012. For more information, visit our website.

Hand Held Power Tools

For the most comprehensive selection of the latest hand held power tools, we offer the ultimate solutions.

Within our vast selection of hand held power tools, we offer numerous options in air tools. Our air tools are compact and designed for serious applications.

Flexible Shaft Machines

Our vast and all-application encompassing product supply includes options in flexible shaft machines. In our flexible shaft machines range we have a number of options in flexible shaft grinders and polishers, suitable for all materials.

Our flexible shaft grinders and polishers are the most versatile and unique range available. To find out more about the advantages of our flexible shaft machines, visit our website.

Power Tool Abrasives

For power tool abrasives, we have an extensive product range of high-quality equipment to suit all possible requirements. Our options in power tool abrasives include:

  • Carbide burrs
  • Cleaning discs
  • Flap wheels
  • Non-nylon woven brushes
  • Spiral bands
  • Grinding and finishing belts

Abrasive Belt Sanders

Suhner UK Ltd supply flexible and precise abrasive belt sanders. Numerous different models are available with our abrasive belt sanders.

Options include:

  • UBK 6-R - High-performance electric belt sander for large-surface application
  • UTG 9-R - Handy electric pipe belt sander
  • UTC 7-R - High-performance compact belt sander
  • LBC 16 H - Compact compressed-air belt sander with 320 W output
  • LBB 20 DH - 220 W compressed-air belt sander, lightweight and handy

Polishing and Grinding Accessories

We have many options in abrasive polishing and grinding accessories.

Our superior range of polishing and grinding accessories includes SUperflex® Flap discs; flap wheels; cleaning discs for the removal of paint, discolorations and rust; and flap brushes for finishing a variety of complex surfaces.

Stainless Steel Finishing Tools

We have a vast selection of stainless steel finishing tools available, suited to numerous requirements.

We have stainless steel finishing tools for welded connections on railings, for staircases, and for welded structural steels among other applications. To see the full range, visit our website, where PDF brochures are also available to view and download.

Stainless Steel Grinding Tools

As well as stainless steel finishing tools, we also supply numerous options in stainless steel grinding tools. We have tools for stainless steel grinding on professional grills and for the grinding of the inside of corners among other applications.

To find out more about our stainless steel grinding tools, or any other equipment, visit our website.

Compact Air Tools

We supply a vast and versatile range of compact air tools, suitable to various application requirements. Here are just a few examples of the extensive range, and to view the full options, visit our website.

  • Compact straight grinders
  • Compact angle grinders
  • Engraving pens with tungsten carbide stylus points
  • Commutator cutter with adjustable depth gauge

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