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At Summit Engineering, we have specialised in tool making since 1981. Our first-class engineers have a broad range of experience in the design and manufacture of press tools, jigs and fixtures. Our tool making skills produces high quality and precision components suitable for use in a wide range of industries.

EDM Spark Erosion

We use EDM spark erosion to create desired shapes using electrical discharges. Our EDM spark erosion is suitable for the most demanding machining jobs and enables us to produce precision parts for a range of industries including automotive, medical, architecture and construction.

Conventional Turning

We provide conventional turning using a selection of lathes to produce turned components for a wide range of projects. Our conventional turning is used to service customer in industries including aircraft, security and car manufacture.

Conventional Grinding

We use conventional grinding methods to grind, shape and finish products. Our conventional grinding methods are carried out on our selection of grinding machines including the Abwood 5025, Jones & Shipman 1400 and 540P.

Conventional Milling

We use conventional milling methods to shape and cut a variety of metals. Our conventional milling machines include three Bridgeport milling machines with DRO.  

Press Tool Makers

Our press tool makers have the skills and experience to provide project management from the initial designs to completion, providing support throughout the process. Our press tool makers specialise in manufacturing bespoke components that are cost effective, flexible and available with lead times to suit your requirements.

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