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Summit Recycling is a division of the multiple award winning; ancillary equipment supplier, Summit Systems. For over 20 years Summit Systems have been supplying ancillary equipment to the plastics industry, including Shredders, Granulators and Material Handling equipment.

Summit Recycling offer waste recycling equipment that ranges from single machines up to large scale post consumer waste operations.

Sourcing from the world's leading recycling technologies, we give customers freedom of choice and confidence in an experienced, dedicated team.

Summit Recycling specialises in the reclaim market, whilst continuing to maintain the exceptional standards of the Summit Group.

  • A genuine 24 hour/7 day a week service promise - we were pioneers of this service and we are still the most trusted provider. 
  • In excess of £2 million spares stockholding here in the UK. Most spares orders placed by 3pm can be delivered the next day.
  • A wholly UK owned company able to provide whichever waste recycling equipment is the absolute best for each customer's needs. No one dictates to us which machinery we must offer.
  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts available on all waste recycling equipment. You can keep your investment in the optimum condition by allowing us to service your machines on a regular basis. We have a range of options to assure the accuracy and efficiency of your purchase.

Waste Recycling Equipment for:

Demolition Waste
Electronics Waste
Waste from Energy
Glass Waste
Packaging Waste
Plastics Waste
Rubber & Tyre Waste
Wood Waste
Waste Management


Waste Recycling Equipment - Separation-Plastics

Float-Sink containers have the task of separating plastics with different densities from each other in a fluid (preferably water), in a closed loop system. As an example; taking PET beverage bottles, it is the PET content that sinks to the bottom of the separation container in the density separation process, while the lighter materials, out of which closures are made, float to the surface of the separation container.

Dry Cleaners are used in plastics recycling to remove contamination in a dry state. Dry, ground or shredded material that has to be coarsely pre-cleaned from sand, stones, glass, paper, etc is introduced into the dry cleaner. A robust rotor fitted with wear-resistant elements is driven by a strong motor, rotating against a basket screen. Thereby shattering brittle material (glass, stones) or reducing into fibres (paper).
During the process the separated contaminating items are pressed through the basket screen and are collected by an automatic screen cleaning system at the base of the dryer.

ZZ Classifier may be installed for two purposes. For separation of light films or contaminating paper after dry cleaning (see above) or for separation of fine dust from the final material.

Waste Recycling Equipment - Washers-Plastics

The function of the Intensive Washer in polymer recycling, is continuous cleaning and simultaneous drying of ground material within one piece of equipment.
The Intensive Washer is used particularly in plants that have already been equipped with pre cleaning, but where moist contamination adhered to the surface of the material is to be subsequently removed.

Method of operation:
Ground material enters the Intensive Washer (ideally, via a pre-soaking screw). Water is added at the entrance to the machine and transported to the rotor area. Here, a robust rotor mixes the material and spins it so that it reaches the outer sides of the Intensive Washer through centrifugal force. Alternating spray equipment (for cleaning) and screen linings (for drying) are mounted on the outer sides. The material is therefore washed and dried a number of times.


Continuous Hot Washer for Plastics with strongly adhering contamination or with high demands on quality.

Method of operation:
•The hot washer consists of a tank filled with a caustic washing solution in which an insert rotates with a circulatory movement. This insert consists of a number; depending on the required throughput, of individual washing chambers that are filled and emptied by a revolving principle.
•A predetermined amount of ground material is introduced into a washing chamber via a dosing screw. A defined amount of the caustic solution is contained in the washing chamber and is continuously moved by a propeller.As in a carousel; when one washing chamber is full, the insert rotates to the next container and so on. The circulatory movement determines the amount of time the ground material remains in the caustic solution, until it is discharged from the carousel.
•A dewatering screw is located at the point of release, which transports the emptied ground material away from the caustic washing solution and brings it in a dripping wet state to the next process stage.
•A cleaning circuit is connected to the hot washer to continuously clean the caustic washing solution. The entire amount of the caustic washing solution is exchanged 2.5 times per hour. This involves the pumping out of the caustic washing solution from the hot washer for cleaning in a decanter.
•The cleaned caustic washing solution returns to the hot washer after passing through a heat exchanger.

Waste Recycling Equipment - Shredders

Heavy Duty Shredders - built for high throughputs and demanding recycling applications. German design,robust and durable. Easy access for maintenance and cleaning. Throughputs of up to 10,000 kg/hr can be expected.

Pipe & Profile Shredders - These Shredders have been developed for the size reduction of pipes up to 1,300mm diameter in materials such as UPVC, PE and PP. Pipes up to 9 metres in length may be shredded without the need for pre cutting.

Single Shaft Shredders - Designed to withstand the demands of continuous operation in recycling a wide range of materials, including film bales, purgings, large plastic scrap and timber.

Waste Recycling Equipment-Spinner

The Spinner is designed to clean and de-water plastic flakes or regrind and remove contaminates from the plastic by means of centrifugal force.

  • Drying of reclaimed plastic by high speed spinning action
  • Removes water & surface contamination.
  • Typically positioned after sink/float tank or wet wash operations.
  • Removes "lights" such as dust and paper as part of the recycling of plastics process.
  • 3000 rpm operating speed.
  • Throughputs of up to 3,000 kg/hr.

Waste Recycling Equipment-Waste Separation

Drum Screens are mainly employed in waste sorting plants, recycling plants and compost works. The sorting drum is used for separation of a mixture of materials of different grit sizes. The grit size is determined by the mesh aperture which is defined by the size of the sorting issue. It is possible to screen out one or even several fractions.

Inclined Sorting Machines are designed to automatically sort almost all combinations of mixed recyclables. The machine sorts the waste into bulky items (tubs, cans,bottles,glass) and flat items (foils, paper). In the case of mixed construction and demolition waste the Inclined Sorting Machine separates the waste into a very pure mineral fraction and a high calorific value fraction consisting of plastics,paper and wood. Sorting into these waste streams considerably increases the efficiency rates of manual sorting stations.

Waste Recycling Equipment-Plasterboard & Gypsum Recycling

Gypsum or Plasterboard can no longer be disposed of  mixed with other other waste for landfill. It is much more cost effective to recycle. We are able to provide everything you need for the recycling of plasterboard & gypsum including machinery for the removal of most impurities found in the waste from demolition and rebuilding including nails, screws and wall coverings.

Waste Recycling Equipment-Shotgun Cartridge Recycling

We are experienced in the supply of recycling machinery for the reclamation of spent shotgun cartridges.

See the video on this link to see our system in action

Waste Recycling Equipment-Shotgun Cartridge Recycling

Recycled Material Handling-Flexible Silos

Flexible Storage Silos, frame constructed from mild steel.
Installed inside and designed especially for the space you have available, even if it is a small footprint but can go higher.
These flexible storage silos are made from breathable material, are easy to install and their lightweight construction means that transport costs are kept low.
 Flexible silos can be connected to existing pipe work or bespoke options are available.

Waste Recycling Equipment-Granulators

These Granulators have been designed for the most extreme and universal applications required by today's recycling facilities.
They provide high quality granulate whether it be from bottle crates,profiles,sheet,film,pipes or start up lumps within the plastics industry or a host of other granulation projects. The Granulators are economical, reliable, easy clean and have an extremely long service life.
•Unique Housing Design - The housing cutting chamber of the granulator is divided across the centre line which allows the upper section to be easily opened hydraulically. The screen is positioned in a front mounted easy access screen cradle which is separate from the upper cutting chamber and also opens hydraulically.
•Heavy Duty Rotor Bearings - mounted outside the cutting chamber in solid steel housings. They require minimal service and are built for demanding applications.The outside bearing assembly eliminates material contamination through lubricant and eliminates premature bearing failure. Outside bearing assembly is also an advantage during wet granulating operation.
•Easy Rotor/Stator Knife Adjustment - Rotor and stator knives are pre-set outside the granulator in a supplied bench top fixture prior to installation. Awkward adjustments inside the machine are no longer necessary.  The granulator knives are manufactured from heavy duty high quality toll steel and can be re-sharpened numerous times.
•Integrated Deflection Wedge Knife - A removable adaptor carrying a third stator knife; termed the deflection wedge, can be installed to control the aggressiveness of the rotor at the first cutting point. This will eliminate rotor blocking during extreme applications.
•These Granulators are built with a unique "V" type cutting technology which generates the material concentration around the centre of the rotor and evenly distrubes it along the entire rotor length. This prevents side wall material build up.
•Depending on application, these Granulators may also be equipped with single scissor or double scissor cross cut rotors. The efficient cutting action of the scissor cut rotors ensure clean cut granules, less fines and reduced noise emission.

•Universal and flexible use
•Manufactured to endure rugged use
•Economical size reduction
•Extremely high throughputs
•Proven machine design
•Minimal downtime


Waste Recycling Equipment-Pulverisors

Our Zerma PM series of compact pulverizers are high speed, precision grinders for the  processing of medium hard, impact resistant and easily crumbled (friable)materials. Typical  applications are the pulverizing of plastic profile, tube, sheet, edge trim materials, film waste and also products from the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
The material to be pulverized is introduced into the pulverizer through the centre of a vertical fixed grinding disc, which is mounted concentrically with an identical high speed rotating disc. Centrifugal force carries the material through the grinding area and the resultant powder is collected with a blower and cyclone system.
•One piece, concentric  grinding disc ensures lower regrind costs. The installation of the disc is fast and simple.
•New Bearing Technology - the single drive system operating at high speed and high power has a special bearing arrangement to ensure prolonged production times between bearing service.
•Easily adjusted - The gap between the grinding disc can be easily adjusted to give accurate setting for the required fineness and consistency of product. This pulversizing system can produce powder sizes to below 500 microns and depending on the product, without the requirement for a screener.
•The design of this pulverizer has been exceptionally well thought out. The small  chamber cross section and discs of near flat design; mounted vertically, ensure the infeed material is grasped and reduced immediately on entering the grinding chamber ¿One piece design ensures lower regrind costs
¿The new bearing technology ensures longer life between services
¿Easily adjusted to give accurate setting for required fineness & consistency
¿The controlled feed eliminates material surge ,consequently no adverse temperature increase is experienced and higher throughputs are achieved.


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