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Heat Treatment Services, Steel Heat Treatment, Case Hardening, Vacuum Hardening, Nitriding

Summitglow Ltd are specialists in heat treatment services.

Our heat treatment techniques include; Hardening & Tempering, Vacuum Hardening, Case Hardening, Carbo-Nitriding, Nitriding, and Nitro-Carburising. In addition to heat treatment services Summitglow Ltd also provides surface finishing in terms of hot chemical blacking, for non stainless materials.
  Based in Sheffield we have access to the rich diversity of companies dealing in the heat treatment and processing of steel, therefore if you do not find what you are looking for on this web site then please feel free to ask.


Summitglow Ltd. have over twenty one years experience in providing salt bath heat treatment to a wide range of different industries. We now have the ability to treat complex components where, for example, flatness is of paramount importance, these include machine rotary and straight cutting knives along with automotive clutch plates to name but a few.

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Our most recent investment to date is the introduction of vacuum hardening, this process provides for a completely clean component after treatment with minimum levels of distortion and movement.

The control of the process uses the latest PC technology, controlling furnace temperature with two thermocouples and the actual temperature of the work being treated using up to four thermocouples.

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Gaseous nitriding/nitrocarburising can be performed on a wide range of component sizes to provide a very hard surface coat.

When ammonia is heated to nitriding temperature of around 500 degrees centigrade it dissociates into its components of hydrogen and nitrogen if a catalyst is present. In nitriding steel is the catalyst.

In simple terms the result is a nitrogen rich layer at the surface of steel which can be, dependant on the material treated, up to 1000 Hv.

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To serve the need for larger batches of tool steel and sinter metal components Sealed Quench (Atmosphere) Furnaces have been introduced to our facility.

Details of our facility are as follows:
Temperature range: 800oC – 960oC
Suitable for all engineering steels which harden within this temperature range:
Stainless steels and tool steels – 01, D3, D6, S1 etc.
All Quenching is in oil


We aim to be able to cover almost all your heat treatment needs, including being able to offer hot Chemical Blacking. This process etches a very fine black surface coat, which not only provides a final cosmetic finish but also affords a certain level of rust prevention.

Details of our facility are as follows:
Hot chemical blacking facilities are available for all grades of steels (excepting stainless steels)


Components that we heat treat can be blast cleaned either in a hand blast cabinet or our automatic tumble blast machine.

In addition we can provide this service on your free issue components regardless of whether we have performed a heat treatment operation on them.

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Components that we heat treat can be straightened in house, to the tightest of tolerance.

In addition we can provide this service on your free issue components regardless of whether we have performed a heat treatment operation on them.

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