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SUSPA is an innovative manufacturer of gas springs, hydraulic dampers, vibration dampers, lifting columns, piston rods, crash management systems, safety systems as well as complex drives and actuators.

SUSPA is a development partner of important producers from the automotive, machine building, furniture, white goods, medical and durable goods industries.

Gas Springs

By virtue of our experience gathered over many decades, SUSPA gas springs can meet your individual requirements for the opening, closing, tilting and damping of flaps. The gas spring (often also called gas pressure spring, gas damper or gas pressure damper) is superior to other solutions in many points and offers many advantages.


With our many years of experience in the sphere of damping technology we can meet your individual requirements for damping vibrations and bumps. All dampers developed by SUSPA (also called shock absorbers, industrial dampers or vibration dampers) are designed for the respective product application in such a way that an optimum movement sequence or optimum vibration characteristics are achieved. The method of operation of the individual dampers is adapted to the relevant requirement and offers the highest level of comfort and safety in the application as a result. Our extensive range offers you different solutions specific to each application in order to achieve optimum damping characteristics.

Vehicle Adjustment Systems

Adjustment systems include SUSPA products that require electrical or mechanical power to activate.  The products are electro-mechanical or hydraulic in nature.  Adjustment systems usually come with two or more actuators, and the displacement of the actuators is synchronized regardless of the forces acting on them.  SUSPA adjustment systems are popular in automotive spoilers, lift gates, convertible tops and seat adjustments.

Automatic Table Adjusters

Our height adjustment systems for tables offer you a perfect solution for designing your tables to become both height-adjustable and ergonomic. These systems are suitable for a wide range of tables, such as side tables, office desks and industrial working places.

Piston Rods and Tubes

SUSPA manufactures rotary and translatory piston rods, shafts and tubes. With our many decades of expertise, we specialise in core competencies such as turning, hardening, grinding, surface coating and polishing. Each component produced in this production division meets the highest standards for exact manufacturing tolerance and surface quality.

Vehicle Crash Management Systems

Energy absorption (energy intake) reduces the consequences in any car crash scenario.

SUSPA-products protect the vehicle and all those involved.

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