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A brief look at a very unusual size of cylinder being chrome plated internally.
Our message to everyone is that while these jobs are a significant USP for us, we also process very small items - every day of the week.
Don't be afraid to talk to us about any application that you have.

Hard Chrome Facility

Swinton Electro Plating is the largest hard chrome facility in UK. Their hard chrome facility enables them to work with components up to 8.5 metres long and 5 tonnes capacity. They work with industries including hydraulics, textile machinery, oil and gas, paper, plastic moulding and engineering in general.


Electroless Nickel

With a capacity of 2.8 metres deep, electroless nickel is ideal for coating complex items. Because it is corrosion and wear resistant,  Electroless nickel is widely used in the petroleum, pharmaceutical, textiles, electronics, tool and die industries.

Repair & Refurbishing

Servicing all industry sectors, Swinton Electro Plating provide repair & refurbishing services for chrome and nickel.

The repair & refurbishing services are suitable for a wide range of components including:

  • Automotive components
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Pipeline valves
  • Pipeline fittings
  • Pump components
  • Mould tools
  • Steel manufacturing rolls
  • Textile rolls
  • Paper rolls
  • Printing rolls for the aerospace industry and military industry on special applications

Cylindrical Grinding

Swinton Electro Plating is always looking to expand and improve their services. To that end, they have recently commissioned two cylindrical grinding machines. With cylindrical grinding machines, they provide services to new customers requiring high quality machining with fast processing times.


Swinton Electro Plating has a dedicated team of experts in polishing the finished coatings to give a high quality finish. They provide polishing for all types of metallic components including musical instruments, engine parts and presentation gifts.

Environmental Commitment

Swinton Electro Plating has an environmental commitment to improve performance and eliminate pollution. They train employees to ensure they follow this environmental commitment in all areas of the business activities. Their goal is to continually improve environmental performance in line with standards incorporated in ISO 14001:2004.

Surface Engineering, Metal Finishing Video

Swinton Electroplating are a UK based metal finisher with over 50 years experience in hard chrome, electroless nickel plating and refurbishing services. For more information visit our website.

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