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Swish Building Products is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of fascia, soffit and internal and external cladding systems, and now supplies a gutter system that is manufactured from 84% recycled pvc material.

These products are well suited to the exposed and inaccessible locations in which they are placed. They are good examples of sustainable products that have a long lifespan, require no maintenance and can be efficiently recycled at the end of their service life. In addition Swish offer developers maximum points under the Code for Sustainable Homes having been awarded the Responsible Sourcing Certification BES6001. There is no premium over timber for these products, in new build or refurbishment situations, and the lifetime savings in maintenance costs are significant.

All Swish manufacturing systems are highly efficient and wherever production and industry standards allow Swish incorporates recycled material into its products. The source is often manufacturing waste, but increasingly Swish is developing and marketing products that include a significant percentage of post consumer recycled material. Not only does this prevent material being sent to landfill but produces significantly less CO2 than manufacturing with virgin material. A good example is the Swish Gutter system. The gutters and downpipes have an 84% recycled material content that is derived from old windows, doors and rainwater systems. This means that the manufacturing process produces 70% less CO2 than would be the case with virgin material.

Swish white cellular PVC profiles now carry a 20 Year Guarantee, with an option to extend this to 30 years if the installation in undertaken by a Swish Approved Installer.

The company has a number of other certifications including ISO 9001(Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and ISO 18001 (Health & Safety Management).All of Swish cellular PVC profiles have been assessed and awarded British Standards Kitemark (KM33730) and British Board of Agrément(91/2622 and 91/2620) Certification.

Swish cellular PVC represents an environmentally responsible use of plastics as it does not contain lead. A key characteristic of Swish cellular PVC is therefore that it will not suffer from "pinking" discolouration.


A wide range of cellular PVC fascia boards in white and colours, from 9mm to 25mm thick. It is important to choose the correct thickness of fascia for the proposed installation. White and colours available.


A range of plain and vented soffits available as flat boards or cladding boards. A 300mm fluted soffit board is also available. A series of joints and ventilation strips complete the range.

Decorative fascias & trims

Decorative fascias, trims and other roofline elements that allow the designer to create an individual feel to a property while retaining the benefits of a standard system.

Decorative fascias & trims

Eaves Protection & Ventilation

Building Regulations require proper ventilation into the roof void. This can be done through the soffit for speed of installation or over the fascia to hide the ventilation slots. Eaves protection prolongs the life of new build installations and is recommended in refurbishment.


These systems are unique in the UK in that they contain a high proportion of post consumer recycled PVC. Approximately 84% by weight of Swish gutters and pipes is recycled material, saving 70% of CO2 created by using virgin material throughout.



Robust cellular PVC cladding profiles in traditional styles, with complementary joints, trims and fixings. Cellular PVC cladding is an ideal substitute for timber cladding; it will not discolour, retains its appearance, is virtually maintenance free and is weather resistant.


Gallows & Dentils

A range of Gallows and Dentils for roofline, canopies, bay and oriel windows. The dentils may be secretly fixed and the gallows brackets are load bearing and capable of offering structural support to door and window canopies

Window Boards

Window boards and trims provide a neat, clean and dry means of finishing or making good the areas around window and door reveals. They eliminate the need for wet trades, thereby reducing installation times to a minimum.

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