Swissmatic Ltd

Swissmatic Ltd. specialise in the production of high precision machined components for a wide range of industries including, the Electronics, Mechatronics, Telecommunications, Computer, Instrument and Defence industries.

Formed in 1980, our machining facility has built a reputation for exceptional quality, state of the art technology, and a commitment to quality in everything we do. The company name and reputation is synonymous with the high accuracy and quality associated with the Swiss watch and clock industry.

We are continually updating our machining equipment which includes the latest CNC Sliding Head and Fixed Head machines all equipped with magazine loading and conveyor off-loading to cost effectively produce both small and large batches.

A factory wide networked computer system for SPC, DNC, Quality assurance and Production Control, assists us to produce what our customers require when they require it.

* Defence & Aerospace
* Electricity Metering
* Valves
* Electronics
* Computer Printers
* Photocopiers/Fax Machines
* Telecom

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