Synergy Wastewater Treatment Products


Synergy manufactures and supplies three distinct ranges of Septic Tanks.

Spherical Robusta Septic Tank Range
Capacities 2800, 3800, & 4600 Litres. These tanks manufactured to an original design by JL Nicholson in 1988. This design was awarded Wimlas Certification in 1993. More recently the Robusta Spherical Septic Tank has been independently tested and approved to BS EN 12566-1 in October 2010 by TUV. Additionally these tanks are CE Marked for use throughout Europe. The Robusta Spherical Tank range are a genuine three stage settlement tank, ensuring a fully clarified effluent is discharged to the drainage field.

Robusta Cylindrical Low Profile Range
Capacities 2800, 3650, & 4600 Litre. These tanks were introduced primarily due to the market demand for shallow dig installation applications. These tanks again have been Tested and approved by TUV to BS EN 12566-1 in December 2012. The Low Profile range are a two chamber tank with the additional benefit of a Final Effluent Filter fitted as standard to the outlet. This filter ensures that any fine suspended solids are prevented from being discharged to the drainage field, vastly extending the life of the soakaway. When tested by TUV these tanks was certificated with a hydraulic efficiency of 99.3%.

Both ranges of Robusta Tanks are manufactured using 1st Grade Polyester Resin, and Fibreglass roving. There are no Calcium Carbonate fillers added to the resin as with other similar products available. This ensures high strength, impact resistance, and water tightness.

Large Capacity Septic Tanks
Synergy also supply are large capacity range of two stage Septic Tanks from 6000 to 50,000 Litres.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Synergy Manufacture and supply package sewage treatment plants from a single household i.e. 6 Pe (Population Equivalent) through to 175 Pe Plants. The sewage treatment plants are Biological treatment systems using the proven Submerged Aerated Filter process widely used by municipal authorities throughout the world. To aerate the sewage liquors we use industry leading diaphragm blowers in singular, and multiple configurations. This type of blower ensures reliability, coupled with quiet operation as opposed to the Side Channel style of blower. As well as our own brand of Sewage Treatment Plants, we are also National distributors for the Tricel & Matrix range of Plants. Often the site logistics determine the optimum plant for any particular application. By offering these three distinct product ranges, Synergy is ideally positioned to offer an independent un biased recommendation for your particular requirement. All Sewage Treatment Plants offered are Tested and Approved to BS EN 12566-3 (6Pe to 50Pe).

Pump Stations

Synergy produces a full range of package pump stations to pump both surface water and unscreened sewage. By nature pump stations are a more bespoke product as the application may vary from site to site. The pumps we use are from major pump manufactures such as: - DAB we use these pumps primarily for the smaller wastewater drainage requirements such as pumping final effluent from STPs & Septic Tanks to higher level discharge points. Xylem Principally these pumps we use for domestic sewage applications ie Pumping unscreened sewage from residential properties to the main sewer. HOMA We use these very high quality German manufactured Pumps for the larger commercial/industrial applications, such as Hotels, Nursing Homes, Factories etc. Pump sizes from 65mm through to 200mm discharge in both 240 & 415 Volt specifications.

Grease Traps

Synergy manufactures two ranges of Grease Trap: - Surface Mounted under sink models, flow rates from 1.0 L/Second to 3.25 L/ Second these are suitable for Restaurants, Public Houses, Cafeterias serving up to circa 100 Meals per day. For the larger application such as Hotels, Exhibition Halls, Wedding Venues etc. We supply a range of underground Grease Traps from 4L/Second through to 25 L/Second i.e. up to 2500 meals a day. The fact that we manufacture these products in house means the special application is very easily accommodated.

Oil Separators

Synergy supply The ACO Q-Ceptor range of Oil Separators throughout the UK. Bypass Separators NSB3 to NSB 10 suitable for hard standing areas, Car Parks etc. up to a surface area of 5560 Square Metres. These Separators are tested and approved to BS EN 858:1 2002 & BS EN 858:2 2003. Synergy only offer Class 1 Bypass Separators c/w Coalescing filters, Oil/Silt alarms are available. In addition to the Bypass range we also offer the full Retention Separators for the higher risk application such as oil dispensing areas etc. Range is from NS3 through to NS10 i.e. up to 555 Square Metre surface area. Again we only offer Class 1 Models C/w Coalescing Filters & Auto Closure device as standard. Again these are fully tested and approved as you would expect from a world leader in surface water drainage products.

Silt Separators

Synergy manufacture a comprehensive range of Sit Separators for separation/retention of silt entrained surface water run off applications. This type of product is often used on Agricultural sites/Farms for the separation of contaminants in yard wash down water. Another typical application is the wash down bays for vehicles, plant hire yards, Golf Courses for grass cutting machinery etc. Due to our flexible design approach, we can accommodate many differing types of application.

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