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The main objective of T & K Precision is to achieve the highest possible standards in precision engineering. To this end, we have concentrated our capabilities on the production of precision turned parts ranging in size from 3mm to 50mm diameter, across a wide range of specialised materials. 
Seny precision thread rolling machines provide a far superior finish to that of traditional “cut” threads.

Mazak and Yamazaki CNC lathes enable short production runs taking minutes, rather than hours, producing accuracy and surface finishes which are completely predictable.

Turning / Grinding / Milling

Ranging in size from 3mm through to 50mm diameter, our precision turned parts are made from an extensive range of specialised materials - Titanium... MP35N ... Maraging & Heat Treatable Stainless Steels ... High Tensile 's' series Alloy Steels ... Aluminium Bronze & Plastics ... to more conventional materials such as Copper ... Brass ... Aluminium ... Low Carbon Steels ... Free Cutting Steels.

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Turning / Grinding / Milling

Thread Rolling

At T & K precision we are currently specialising in high-tolerance, fast turnaround thread rolled studs specifically for the motor racing industry.

The thread rolling process produces results far superior to those of traditional "cut" threads,as the thread rolls used are optically ground and "cold form" the thread on to a pre-machined blank, producing a thread of perfect form, pitch and accuracy - within microns - whilst eliminating weak spots and stress points - the burrs and toolmarks usually found on a cut thread.

Thread Rolling

MP35N Alloy Thread Rolling

Precision thread rolling of MP35N Alloy, Titanium and heat treated steels up to 52HRC of hardness and most other exotic materials please contact us with your requirement.

MP35N Alloy Thread Rolling


We are recognised as the chosen supplier of exotic materials to the exact tolerances  required in motor sport.


MP35N Alloy

High Tensile ’S’ Series Alloy Steels

Precipitation Hardened Stainless Steels

Aluminium Bronze


just ask for specs available.



All requiring the highest possible standards of quality and service.

Motor racing


Nuclear submarines

Conventional warships

Civil and Military aircraft

Photographic and audio-visual

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems

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