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Over the last 15 years T. Freemantle Limited has been the chosen supplier of end of line packaging machinery to most of the UK leading food manufacturers. Their range of market leading sleeving and cartoning machines has been proven to offer the very best in UK built packaging equipment including:

  • Two Flap Sealer
  • Continuous Two Flap Sealer
  • Semi Automatic End Load Cartoner
  • Fully Automatic End Load Cartoner
  • Semi Automatic Pre glued Sleever
  • Fully Automatic Pre glued Sleever
  • Wraparound Sleever
  • Tray erector
  • Bespoke Sleeving Machines

T. Freemantle Ltd is now recognised as a global company with installations throughout the world. Their network of agents and distributors provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to end users around the globe.

For further details visit our web site to see demonstration films and technical details on our range of market leading equipment. Or find us on Twitter and YouTube where you can see more videos of our products in action.

Specialists in Sleeving - Experts in Cartoning

Two Flap Sealer

The Freemantle Two Flap Sealer is a semi automatic machine that requires the operator to insert the product into the carton and place it into the in-feed rails. Cartons are detected, hot melt glue is applied and the carton is automatically folded and sealed.


Our Two Flap Sealer can be seen in action on our Youtube channel

Continuous Two Flap Sealer

The Continuous Two Flap Sealer offers an In-Line version of the Freemantle two flap sealer, with a far higher level of throughput and more technological advancement, allowing it to be sited as an in line system as part of the production line.

Our Continuous Two Flap Sealer can be seen in action on our website and YouTube channel, or alternatively ask us about it on our Twitter page.



Semi Automatic End Load Cartoner

The Semi Automatic End Load Cartoner machine has a magazine which is loaded with flat packed blank cartons. The machines rotart carton erector selects a blank upon demand and erects it into the moving flight chains. The carton flaps are spread and the carton travels past the product load area ready for it to be filled manually by the operator. The cartons then undergo a similar automatic fold, erect seal and eject process to the other machines within the Freemantle range. 


As with all our packaging machines the Semi Automatic End Load Cartoner can be seen in action on our website, YouTube channel and Twitter page.

Fully Automatic End Load Cartoner

Product is loaded into the Fully Automatic End Load Cartoner, via the infeed conveyor either manually or automatically. The machine detects the products and automatically selects and erects a carton from the carton magazine. The product is then automatically loaded into the opened carton and the carton is folded, glued and sealed.

 The finished product is then ejected from the end of the machine wide edge leading. The fully automatic machine can be supplied complete with an integral product transfer system to accept random supply of product from the line and feed directly into the machine.

Check out the Fully Automated End Load Cartoner in action on our YouTube channel if it sounds like something you could use to make your business stronger. 

Semi Automatic Preglued Sleever

The Semi Automatically Preglued Sleever is loaded with flat preglued sleeves. The machine operates a continuous cycle and on demand selects and erects flat sleeves. The erected sleeves are then passed by the operator loading area where the product is pushed from the infeed conveyor across and into the open sleeve by the operator. The finished product is then ejected from the end of the machine wide edge leading. 


The Semi Automatically Preglued Sleever can be seen in action on our YouTube channel and on our website. 

Fully Automatic Preglued Sleever

The Fully Automatic Preglued Sleever builds upon the success of the Semi-Automatic Preglued Sleever and offers a fully automated sleeving solution whereby a product transfer system can be added along with various conveyors to remove the finished product. Thus enabling the preglued sleever to run in a fully automated manner with no operator needed to insert the product into the packaging sleeve as this is taken care of and automated.  


If you're unsure whether your companys situation calls for a semi automatic or fully automatic preglued sleever give us a call or check out our Twitter feed for information, contact options and videos. 

Wrap Around Sleever

The Freemantle Wrap Around Sleever runs autonomously, accepting products from another part of the line. It feeds them through the input, selects the appropriate sleeve and then wraps it around the product, before folding, applying heated glue and sealing.

Our wrap around sleever forms each sleeve around the product neatly and efficiently before discharging it via the output conveyor, whereby it can be taken to another part of the line.


If you want to see our sleever in action have a look at the video of it wrapping pizza on YouTube.

Tray Erector Machine

The Tray Erector  is a remarkable piece of equipment that can handle an array of sizes of tray.

It selects the tray from a magazine/block of flat packed examples, which are then taken through the machines erection system, whereby they are folded, hot melt-glue applied, and then sealed.

Our tray erector machine is one of the first of its type and can be linked up to various other pieces of Freemantle equipment to form part of a completely automated production line.


The tray erector machine, a proud part of the Freemantle family is avaliable to view on our website, Twitter feed and YouTube channel.

Top Load Carton Erector

Our Top Load Carton Erector is another machine that sticks to the Freemantle principles of innovation, reliability and robustness whilst ensuring that it becomes an integral part of the automated production line and an essential part of your business.

The top load carton erector performs the task of taking in the flat packed magazine of cardboard cartons ready for assembly before top loading. It then folds; hot-melt glues and assembles the cartons ready for filling by the operator.

 This YouTube video shows the top load carton erector machine doing what it does best, performing faultlessly.

Rhomboid Carton Erector

T Freemantle is pleased to announce that we have just completed the installation of our revolutionary new, Rhomboid-Box Cartoner Machine. This machine offers a never seen before ability, to automatically fold, erect and seal non-conventional packaging shapes and sizes, which until now have been a “by hand only” task, necessitating vast amounts of labour, and dramatically slowing production times.

T Freemantle worked closely with a leading food producer to meet the demands of the high end retailer for a practical solution that will display well in store while offering a real point of difference for a particular product category. The Rhomboid Box Cartoner Machine enables automatic folding, erection and sealing of these newly designed cartons offering the producer an efficient and effective automation solution for the unique shape and design carton.

Normally automatic Cartoners are restricted to processing square edged, slab sided cartons predominantly for the frozen and dry food product markets. This new cartoner will offer a producer wanting a solution that offers a real “Point of Difference” carton, a method to produce such designs at more conventional speeds and efficiency.

What are the main features of this machine?

The machine is constructed entirely of stainless steel, meaning that it can be sited within any production environment, something that is desirable within the markets that we operate. In addition to this, T Freemantle also did everything possible in order to ensure that the machines footprint was as small as possible, again, in order to enable its positioning in as many locations as possible within a customer’s production unit.

The other main feature of this machine is of course what I mentioned earlier, the fact that it can fold, erect and seal packaging types of shapes that are not normally manageable by traditional machines.

Not only can these machines do this, but they are also quickly and easily altered with regards their settings and adjustments meaning they can take on multiple product lines if required.

The new machine can be seen in action on our YouTube channel, erecting Point of Difference cartons for one of the UKs leading supermarkets new lines of products.

Rhomboid Carton Erector

Case Erector Machine

The Box Erector Machine is one of the latest additions to the T Freemantle product family, as a direct result of customer demand for such machines.

T Freemantle understood their customers had a need for a simple to operate machine that was robust, reliable and could erect boxes automatically at variable speeds, so looked at how to achieve this whilst remaining true to the fundamental principles by which we operate.

After careful research and design phases, T Freemantle worked with their customers to create a machine that fully met their exacting needs.

This Box Erector Machine is new to us, but has already been well received by our customers and others in the industry, getting a warm reaction when showcased at the Foodex 2012 Show at the NEC in Birmingham in March of this year. Footage of the new machine in action at the show, can be seen on our YouTube Channel, demonstrating what it can do with a tape sealing application.

Case Erector Machine
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