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At T-Tech Tooling Ltd we integrate unique design, manufacture and support to provide a world-leading service in special taps and dies. We have an established UK customer base and also supply globally.

With a history of providing tap and die solutions, T-Tech Tooling Ltd are your first call for all your needs and are ready to help no matter what your requirements are.

We offer a service that includes design, manufacture and solid tooling services that include screw thread and form relieved cutting tools.

We pride ourselves on our versatility of range and design and our extremely short manufacturing times. 

Special Taps

Our special taps are manufactured for a range of applications and successful utilisation. Our special taps exhibit a range of characteristics including swarf type, elasticity, strength, hardness, and depth of hole.

They also vary in thread size, pitch, reach, thread form, and holding.

Carbide Hardmetal Taps

Our carbide hardmetal taps and selection is appropriate in high volume production for materials with abrasive qualities for example, tapping automotive parts in iron or aluminium.

 Carbide hardmetal taps can also be used with materials that have high wear features or a closing nature.

 They are also used for materials that harden above Rc40 and for unusual alloys and steels.

Thread Milling Cutters

Our range of thread milling cutters is a comprehensive selection of solid multi-fluted cutters that are either straight or with a helical flute.

Through coolant is available, straight through and into the flutes and deep hole milling is produced with runover shank and shell type.

Thread milling cutters are manufactured in sub-micro grain carbide and you are guaranteed performance with our regrind service, re-forming threads service and removal of faulty or damaged teeth.

Deep Hole Thread Milling

Our deep hole thread milling is done with multi-fluted solid carbide cutters and is the best choice for soft and hard surfaces. Deep hole thread milling decreases swarf crowding that usually rips threads and breaks taps.

Our process also offers exceptional surface texture and finishes. 

Dies and Die Nuts

Our comprehensive range of dies and die nuts are suitable for use on finishing or repairing of threads. We produce with thread relief or traditional geometry for ferrous and non ferrous materials.

Our dies and die nuts range can be manufactured in any form and include the common thread forms such as Acme, BA, BSF, BSP (G), BSW, Metric, ISO, UNC, and Whitworth. 

Tap Regrind

We offer expert tap regrind and ensure your taps are grinded correctly and to the best possible standard. We use 5 axis grinders with our own bespoke software to give you exceptional tap regrinding.

We can identify existing flute geometry and cutting angles and produce faithful and accurate reproductions. We can also advice on your tap selection and help you choose the correct one for your requirements.

Special Cutting Tools

Our range of special cutting tools gives excellent performance. We use a 5 axis production grinder that is controlled using expert toolmakers who have a range of experiences.

Our special cutting tools are designed to match your specifications and include drills, reamers, serration cutters, end mills, and milling cutters.

Orthopaedic Surgeon's Instruments

Our orthopaedic surgeon instruments have been designed and manufactured for the industry for over 15 years. We produce orthopaedic surgeon instruments such as medical drills, reamers and guides.

They are used for both cannulated and solid options.

Thread Milling Cutters - Automatic Lathes

Our thread milling cutters are used on Glidemeister, Schutte, Traub and Wickman and offer ideal high-speed alternatives to screw cutting and rolling of carbon steel.

Thread milling cutters provide a quick process and offer long tool life. 

Bone Screw Cutters

Thread milling is a high-speed process for producing bone screw cutters and medical threads.

A special purpose machine tool or driven attachment is necessary to produce bone screw cutters and we manufacture them in sub-micrograin carbide with geometry suitable for stainless straight and alternate angled teeth cutters.

Both can be reground and refurbished.

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