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Our Teedy™ acrylic stock domes are known for consistent shape and high optical quality and are widely regarded as the best available. Available in almost any size up to 2200mm from as little as 100mm, delivery is normally next day where possible. 

Our acrylic domes are used all over the world from pole to pole as we have even supplied these for Arctic and Antarctica observational posts such is the optical clarity. Our acrylic domes can be specified any size to suit the application or utilise our stock ring sizes for speed and cost savings.

Every acrylic dome or dish made is hand checked for shape consistence and optical clarity before despatch using a specially designed check system and due to the sheer quantity made and our material buying power, are generally priced the most competitively available.

Acrylic Domes in Stock

We always have acrylic domes in stock. Our Teedy™ acrylic domes are always available from our 20 stock sizes ranging from 100mm to 1800mm. We are widely recognised as the leading stock dome supplier in the world. We have companies as far a field as the Arctic, China and Australia taking advantage of our competitive prices and the optical quality associated with all our stock domes. 

Our stock acrylic domes have been used in point of sale, scientific, display, shop fitting, theatre and television applications for many years and we are always happy to advice in their suitability for your own application. We estimate that we have supplied over 100,000 domes since our records began from as small as 50mm to an enormous 2200mm used as an upturned underwater bar for royalty in the Middle East. 

As all our stock domes are held in the warehouse with flanges, you can decide whether to have us trim the flange or not and with our 24 hour delivery service, can be working on or installing the dome the next day.

Acrylic Vacuum Forming

We are well known for our acrylic vacuum forming capabilities with our large machines. We can usually form up to 8’ x 4’ with 6’ x 4’ as a standard size. Our machinery is controlled by computers to ensure settings are reliably consistent throughout the whole run. 

We undertake acrylic vacuum forming for a wide range of industries such as large supermarket lettering, POS, lighting diffusers, television and theatre props and artists.

Plastic Drape Forming

Talbot Designs is widely recognised as one of the top suppliers of plastic drape forming in acrylic, polycarbonate and PETG. With one of the largest specifically designed moulding ovens in the UK, we can mould thick 3m x 2m sheets to very high tolerances. 

We have over the years developed plastic drape forming techniques to reduce creep and shrinkage on the finished moulding. We have supplied multiples of 35mm sheets moulded for aquarium windows, large sheets of 10mm moulded for office screening, luxury boat windows and various other applications that require a consistent, high quality single curvature form.

Plastic Display Fabrication

As extremely experienced plastic fabricators, we can meet all of your plastic display fabrication requirements. Utilising all the various techniques such as UV bonding, solvent and Tensol bonding, drape forming, vacuum forming and CNC machining, we have supplied industry since 1947 with consistent high quality products. 

We have produced some of the largest plastic display fabrications ever made and currently hold the world record for the largest beer bottle ever fabricated in acrylic. We supplied a huge 4 section water pressure unit to Stuttgart University for a UK contractor and also work extensively with retail fit out companies in hotels and retail environments. We have 3m+ x 2m+ ovens which are considerably larger than most other fabricators. This means we can form larger sheets, up to 50mm thick. We blow the largest acrylic domes available which are up to 2200mm diameter. We have a huge range of acrylic domes in stock, which are up to 1800mm in diameter and ready for despatch within 24 hours. 

“Only limited by Imagination” still holds true to this day. Plastic fabrication is what we love to do every day and look forward to every job as each is as different as the next one

Plastic Domes

Our Teedy™ plastic domes are known for their consistent shape and high optical quality. They are widely regarded as the best plastic domes available. We can manufacture them in almost any size, from 100mm up to 2200mm. We can normally deliver our plastic domes the next day. 

Our plastic domes are used all over the world. We have even supplied them for Arctic and Antarctica observational posts as they provide excellent optical clarity. Our plastic domes can be manufactured to a customer specified size. This allows our customers to receive the best plastic dome to suit their application. 

Every plastic dome we manufacture is hand checked for shape consistency and optical clarity before it is despatched. We use a specially designed check system to ensure our plastic domes are perfect.

Acrylic Display Cases

We make acrylic display cases for all types of models, from architectural to museums. Our acrylic display cases are made to the highest standard using our in-house developed processes. This process ensures the bonded joints are perfect with no visible glue lines.  

Our skilled team of fabricators have developed a technique to ensure that our cases are of an extremely high quality and are optically perfect. We only use Perspex acrylic in the production of our display cases.

CNC Machining

We have modern CNC machining facilities allowing us to machine sheets up to 3000 x 2000 in any thickness. This size compliments our 3m x 2m ovens. This allows us to CNC machine formed panels before or after moulding.

Acrylic UV and Solvent Bonding

Our skills as experienced plastic fabricators are well known and the quality of our cementing is second to none. We have developed acrylic UV and solvent bonding processes which allow us to create perfect inclusion and bubble free joints.

Our acrylic UV and solvent bonding techniques can be used on materials up to 25mm. Our cementing processes are perfect for exhibition and high profile environments where visual impact is important.

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