Talbot Designs Ltd

Our Teedy™ acrylic stock domes are known for consistent shape and high optical quality and are widely regarded as the best available. Available in almost any size up to 2200mm from as little as 100mm, delivery is normally next day where possible. 

Our acrylic domes are used all over the world from pole to pole as we have even supplied these for Arctic and Antarctica observational posts such is the optical clarity. Our acrylic domes can be specified any size to suit the application or utilise our stock ring sizes for speed and cost savings.

Every acrylic dome or dish made is hand checked for shape consistence and optical clarity before despatch using a specially designed check system and due to the sheer quantity made and our material buying power, are generally priced the most competitively available.

225 Long Lane Finchley London N3 2RL United Kingdom



Richard Woolff, Managing Director