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Our noise cancelling headsets can be used to reduce high levels of noise created from a diversity of circumstances and objects such as lawn mowers and jet engines. Noise cancelling headsets are an ideal solution for auditory protection in the marine, textile and decontamination and food processing industry.

Our extensive range of noise cancelling headsets can also be used to enhance communication in demanding and noisy working environments. We have over 20 years experience in supplying bespoke and standard products for a wide range of applications and have a worldwide reputation you can trust.

Arborists and Forestry Equipment

Our arborist and forestry equipment includes a range of products designed to provide safety and improve communication in demanding environments.

Arborists and forestry equipment can be integrated with the latest communication technology including passive and electronic hearing protection, two-way communications headsets and wireless communication systems in order to help create more secure and efficient surroundings. 

Hunting and Shooting Equipment

We have a range of hunting and shooting equipment including shooting headsets with electronic designs based on their own Application Specific Integrated Circuit and controlled by a micro-processor. These headsets have a low current consumption, but still providing high performance sound.

Our hunting and shooting equipment also includes MSA Sordin Supreme shooting headsets. These headsets reproduce a natural and realistic sound perfect for location hearing without any disturbing sound. They also provide outstanding sound quality and high amplification.  

Marine Communications

Our extensive range of marine communications solutions include Atex approved waterproof headsets, throat microphones and voice amplifiers for high and low noise.

Our marine communication products aim to provide consistent and efficient communication to ensure optimum safety in hazardous environments. Our full range of products includes many other multifunction headsets, two-way radios and PTT systems.

Atex Headsets

Atex headsets include a variety of designs for tactical communication solutions and protective systems. Atex headsets address Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and offer enhanced modular and integrated systems.

Our range includes in-ear digital radio headsets with boom microphones, waterproof temple transducers, dual and tri PTT headsets, and PTT single radios.

Wireless Communications

We have the latest and most innovative hands-free, wireless communications solutions currently on the market. Our wireless communications products include noise cancelling protectors with integrated wireless connection to Bluetooth mobile phones for use in demanding environments.

Wireless communication provides enormous freedom and has many benefits for craftsman, installation engineers, construction workers, and gardeners.

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