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Solar in Motion - Solar PV Power for commercial vehicles

The increasing use of solar technology as a source of renewable energy is well documented. In transportation the technology has been used for decades by NASA. In consumer markets it is increasingly seen on boats and caravans and motor homes.

B2B Partnerships for saving vehicle energy

Talman Associates is working collaboratively with OEM partners and its supply chain on the adoption of solar photovoltaic energy in the commercial vehicle and public transportation sectors.

The principles governing our work in this sector are as follows:-
Clear evidence on energy savings by the reduction of carbon fuels
Potential additional source of power for operating systems e.g. lighting & telecoms
Durability in all operating conditions
Integrated into vehicle or trailer design
Suitable for retrofit
Ease of application and maintenance
A sustainable solution

Value Proposition for the commercial vehicle and transportation industries

The value proposition for these sectors includes:-
Reduces fuel consumption - measurable
Reduces CO2 emissions - measurable
Reduces alternator and generator use
Extends battery life
Provides power when the vehicle is not in use e.g. telecoms
Provides silent energy
Promotes a healthier environment

Our Offer

Our expertise is based on our knowledge of light weight thin film flexible photovoltaic materials combined with relevant attachment materials, charge controllers, data loggers and batteries. We work closely with all leading international producers and in certain examples academia to produce tailored solutions relevant to the client’s specific requirements. 

Typical client engagement is as follows:-
Agree power generation required
Determine attachment and connection methods
Trial with at least one vehicle or trailer
Monitor performance against vehicle operation and prevailing solar conditions
Review and finalise specification
Implement supply chain

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