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Tamper Technologies is a specialist, security, label and tape MANUFACTURER with a proven base of expertise in printing, adhesives, silicone release technology and converting, based in the UK with a rapidly expanding network of partner companies and distributors throughout the world.

As a manufacturer of tamper evident solutions we provide customers with both standard and customer specific solutions depending upon their requirements.

TamperTech offer a range of "overt" and "covert" security tape and labels solutions, so to discuss your requirements, please call +44 (0)1335 300335


Tamper evident technology in bag sealing tapes from TamperTech provides secure seals onto courier and security bags - voiding hot and cold.

Helping protect contents with obvious tamper evident messages and designed for use on all film types.

As the manufacturer we can offer you options in colour, widths, adhesive weights, messages, films and inks. All designed to suit individual requirements where appropriate.


Computers, DVD Players, VHS Recorders, TFT Screens, Overhead Projectors..., they all have value and all require a unique ID number for your companies asset register.

TamperTech have different solutions to meet your needs, voiding labels, fracture labels or clear labels with the company logo and sequential number printed sub-surface.
  • Sequential numbering of labels
  • Sub surface numbering of labels for extra security if requested
  • Barcodes
  • "Receipt" function with a copy of the asset number if required
  • Surface writable with a biro
  • Permanent or no residue peelable adhesive systems available


Perfume, Aftershave, Alcohol, DVD's, Rechargeable Batteries, Cigarettes, Tobacco ... it doesn't matter what the product is.

If you have invested in your brand, your need to protect it!
TamperTech have different solutions to meet your needs
  • Sub-Surface printing - not many people can do that!
  • Holograms
  • Thermochromic ink systems that change colour with temperature
  • Photochromic ink systems
  • Metallic inks and cold foil systems
  • UV Fluorescent ink systems


You have made the investment in research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, so why leave yourself open to the potential problem of someone tampering with your product before it gets to the end user?

Why not...
  • Apply a small tamper evident label onto the closure system of the bottle.
  • Apply a tamper evident label onto the carton
  • Apply tamper evident tape onto the shipping box
  • Use a combination packing list with built-in tamper evident labels to apply onto the product with the same bar code
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The value of products being carried today is ever increasing. To help prevent "shrinkage" our self wound tamper evident tapes are the perfect solution.

TamperTech manufacture tapes which can be applied onto cartons and shrink wrap films. Just let us know what you are using the tape on and we will ensure you get the right tapes for your application.
  • Customer specific hidden message
  • Customer specific surface message with company logo
  • Sub surface printed sequential numbers making each piece unique
  • Perforations every 152.4mm (6") or 200.025mm
  • 45mm x 66 metres per roll
  • Order volumes as low as 50 rolls - even for customer specific!
  • Standard products available also

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