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Here at Taplanes, we are a leading supplier of pre-fabricated shower cubicles and bathroom pods. We provide modular showering solutions to a variety of end-users throughout the UK. Our modular showering solutions are widely used by universities, schools hospitals and major hotel chains.

Our innovative and stylish modular showering solutions are robust, leak proof and hygienic, with a 15 year guarantee. We provide one-piece and sectional designs to suit a wide variety of needs.

Shower Cubicles

Our shower cubicles are available in one-piece and sectional construction, the shower enclosures are ideally suited to both the new build and refurbishment sectors. Speed and ease of installation together with product reliability ensure suitability to a wide variety of projects. We provide shower cubicles in size, shape and specification details designed to suit your requirements.

Mini Pod

Our mini pods incorporate both a shower and drying area. The mini pods provides a completely waterproof and private environment to shower in. The mini pod is designed to modernise existing communal facilities where privacy is essential. We provide mini pods in shapes, sizes and specification to meet your requirements.

En Suite Pod

We have designed en suite pods primarily for the refurbishment sector. Our sectional en suite pods can be easily manoeuvred into the most restrictive of locations. Our en suite pod is perfect for adapting or updating existing student accommodation and is available in shapes and sizes to suit individual requirements.


We supply an impressive range of shower and shower room accessories. Our accessories include sinks, drains, toilets, rails and taps to name a few.

Shower and Toilet Pods

Our shower and toilet pods incorporate both a wash hand basin, toilet and showering area creating a completely sealed en suite solution.

A typical selection of units have been illustrated, which can be viewed in conjunction with their product data sheets.

Leakproof Shower Cubicle

With over two decades of unrivalled experience and success within the education, healthcare, MoD, hotel and leisure sectors, Taplanes can certainly claim to be the premier manufacturer in the provision of bespoke, high quality, modular solutions.

Taplanes of Harrogate has an innovative portfolio of modular showers, shower cubicles, shower units, shower enclosures and en-suites design built to the client’s specifications.

All products are constructed throughout from specially formulated polypropylene, yielding a unit that is significantly more durable than comparable alternatives in GRP, PVC or ceramic; the result, a cost effective means to keeping clean.

Competitively priced and noted for their durability, reliability and ease of installation, the Taplanes portfolio fulfils and surpasses the requirements of a demanding environment.

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Sectional Designs

Both one-piece and sectional designs are provided by Taplanes. The sectional designs are primarily aimed towards the refurbishment sector allowing the units to be manoeuvred into the most restricted locations with ease. Alternatively, and if the build process allows, the one-piece units could be considered.

  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • MOD
  • Housing Associations
  • Hostels
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