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We are manufacturers, designers and suppliers of insert technology for metals, composites and metal alloys.

With over half a century of experience, we manufacture a wide variety of inserts for metals and supply these inserts for metals to major moulding and mechanical assembly companies throughout the world.

Brass Threaded Inserts

With our 54 years of leading experience in the insert technology industry, our product range is extensive and includes differing options in brass threaded inserts.

Our brass threaded inserts are specifically designed for moulding-in during the cycle of the moulding machine to provide the highest performance levels.

Threaded Inserts

As a specialist fastener manufacturing company, our development and manufacture of brass and steel threaded inserts is unrivaled. Our threaded inserts product range includes the Tappex Trisert range of inserts for plastics.

The Tappex Trisert inserts we supply include:

We also supply the Trisert-3®, a self-tapping plated steel or stainless steel insert and the Foamsert®, a self-tapping brass insert for use in lower density materials.

Inserts for Plastics

As suppliers to major moulding and mechanical assembly companies worldwide, our inserts for plastics are impeccably manufactured to the highest grade possible.

Our inserts for plastics are suitable for a multitude of applications and are designed to meet specific requirements while offering reliability and durability. A fine example is the Tappex Suresert, designed for ultrasonic or heat installation into notch sensitive thermoplastics.

Male Inserts

Our unequalled supply of inserts includes many options and specifications in male inserts. Our male inserts are based upon the female equivalent and are supplied with a dog point to ease location of the nut and to significantly reduce the risk of cross threading.

Male inserts for plastics we supply include:

Anti-Creep Spacers

Within our eclectic variety of inserts, we manufacture, design and supply cold press fit or moulded-in anti-creep spacers.

These anti-creep spacers are expertly designed to provide reinforced clearance holes for bolts to pass through a plastic moulding, allowing for metal-to-metal clamping forces to be applied to an assembly while avoiding over-stressing the plastic.

Steel Threaded Inserts

We have over 50 years of unrivaled experience in the design, production and supply of insert technology for plastics, composites and metal alloys for leading moulding and mechanical assembly companies. Our expansive stock range covers many options in steel threaded inserts.

As well as steel threaded inserts, our service also covers:

  • Brass inserts for moulding-in
  • Inserts for cold press, heat or ultrasonic installation
  • Brass inserts for hard plastics
  • Anti-creep spacers/compression limiters

Heat Inserter

As well as an extensive variety of brass and steel threaded inserts for plastics, our vast product supply is complemented by a number of tool and accessory options. Our press-fit tools, applicable to the Tappex Multisert range, includes the Tappex Heat Inserter.

This heat inserter is specifically designed to provide efficient and reliable heat insertion of Multiserts in many thermoplastic applications.

Rivet Nuts

We design, manufacture and supply many options in rivet nuts. These rivet nuts are designed with four holes to control the deformation of the body.

This unique feature allows the rivet nut to be used in applications and materials where they may otherwise not be suitable, such as in plastics, composites and wood.

Stainless Steel Self Tapping Inserts

We supply plated steel or stainless steel self tapping inserts from the Trisert-3® range of inserts.

These plated steel or stainless steel self tapping inserts have three cutting features to provide a balanced cutting action as well as reduced installation torque. They are used in critical applications and come in two lengths, regular and long.

Grooved Pins

We supply a vast selection of grooved pins. Grooved pins offer many benefits and are substantially more reliable when compared to more traditional taper pins, plain pins, keys or locating pins.

Features of grooved pins include:

  • Simple hole preparation
  • Resistance to shock and vibration
  • They are reusable

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