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Here at Target Insurance, we act as an intermediary for many of the UKs most respected insurance brokers. We will meet your exact requirements with the most suitable broker based on geographical location, specialisation and premium. We will make sure you are dealing with a broker who actually wants your business and will provide competitive prices and appropriate cover for your business. We work with with insurance policy prices from £100 up to £500k with savings of up to 50%.

Commercial Insurance

We specialise in matching commercial insurance to protect you against the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss. Commercial insurance provides a variety of cover options for:

  • Liability
  • Property
  • Vehicle
  • General
  • Health
  • Personal

Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance is ideal if you have more than three vehicles to protect. All of your vehicles can be put on to one fleet insurance policy, rather than having to deal with multiple policies.

Property Insurance

Property insurance is to cover your property should it be damaged or destroyed as a result of fire, flood or weather damage. Commercial landlords' liability insurance is a policy to cover you as a property owner from financial losses connected with your properties. Residential property insurance is a type of buildings' insurance designed to cover your property should it be damaged or destroyed as a result of the more likely risks.

Liability Insurance

Employers liability insurance is designed to protect your business from damages and legal expenses, resulting from an at fault injury or illness to an employee. Employers liability insurance also provides an added layer of protection for employees, as they can seek compensation for employer negligence.

Public liability insurance is to cover you for any compensation awarded to a member of the public due to injury, illness or property damage. Public liability insurance will cover you regardless of where the incident takes place, as an accident can occur while visiting a client or having a customer on your premises.

Health Insurance

Medical insurance is to cover the cost of private medical treatment and enable you to be treated more quickly or when required.  Life insurance, offers a lump sum payout on diagnosis of certain serious illness or death. The cover costs will depend on age, sex and health, and can be designed to pay income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

Health insurance is to cover the loss of a partner or key shareholder against death or illness. It is worth insuring the lives of key shareholders to ensure in the event of death of a controlling share holder, the insurance payout could be used to buy the deceased person's shares. By covering partners, it enables the remaining partners with funds to allow them to buy the deceased or ill partners' share of the business.

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