Tarmac Ltd

Company overview 

We provide materials and solutions used in everyday life, from houses, workplaces, schools and hospitals, flood defences, roads to bridges, tunnels and environmental protection. Many other things - from steel to paper and glass, drinking water, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and toothpaste - are also manufactured using our products. Our product range includes crushed rock, sand, gravel, concrete, asphalt, cement, lime, as well as precast concrete, concrete blocks, mortar and screeds.

Tarmac’s Sustainability Report 2008/09 

This report is an important landmark for Tarmac, presenting our new Sustainability Framework and performance on our key sustainability issues. It builds on our existing reporting and demonstrates our commitment to sharing information on our sustainability performance and progress in a transparent, honest and clear way.

TarmacDry porous asphalt pavement systems 

A cost-effective flood drainage solution that meets the latest Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) guidelines by allowing rainwater management, high rainfall porosity levels and eradicates the need for conventional drainage. TarmacDry is the first product of its kind to be awarded BBA (British Board of Agrément) accreditation.

Tarmac Homes Project 

This exciting project aims to provide practical answers to the questions which surround the Code for Sustainable Homes. As a live testbed site, the Tarmac Homes project will demonstrate how the highest levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes can be practically achieved at a low cost whilst also providing a template for future zero carbon housing across the UK that can easily be replicated.

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