Tatem Industrial Automation Ltd


We are suppliers of high-quality end effector solutions for automation systems and robotic tooling.

We supply robotic tooling to numerous industry sectors. We supply robotic tooling for the aerospace, automotive, packaging, research and medical industry sectors. We also provide tooling design support, training and consultancy.  

Robotic End Effector

As well as robotic tooling, we supply a comprehensive range of robotic end effector solutions.

Our robotic end effector solutions are used in medical, military, food, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries, by end users and integrators.


We supply a fantastic assortment of grippers, suitable for use across a variety of industries. Our grippers range includes pneumatic, hydraulic, vacuum and magnetic grippers.

Further options include:

  • Bottle Grippers
  • Full Layer Vacuum Grippers
  • Sack Grippers


We provide high and low speed robotic spindles for routing and polishing.

Our spindles are available with or without autocharge. They are suitable for deburring, deflashing and polishing tooling. For more information on our range of spindles or any related product, visit our website.

Machine Tools

Our machine tools are designed to meet ISO 9002 No.4010549 standards.

We supply a full service ranging from a single gripper to a turnkey system for a special purpose machine. We provide system consultancy and use 3D custom design to manufacture our machine tools.

Tool Changers

We supply a selection of tool changers with eight to 1000Kg payloads.

Our assortment of tool changers are long-lasting, easy to use, and they are suitable for spot welding guns. For more information on our versatile options in tool changers, visit our website.


We supply a wide variety of accessories to complement our products. Our range of accessories includes:

  • Gripper Fingers
  • Robot Valve and Service Plates
  • Robot Flexible Hose Assemblies including Electrical Cables
  • Tool Stands and Fixtures
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